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Rising Trends of Mini Stays and Short Vacations

Rising Trends of Mini Stays and Short Vacations

There is a significant shift in how people carry out their vacation plans – shorter trips are being preferred instead of longer ones. On an average, people used to take out 10 days from their busy routine and spend their days vacationing all at once.


The trend has seemingly change as people now prefer a 2 to 5-day break and opt to travel shorter distances. That is because shorter tips help them get cheap flights, budget stays, and the dates usually linger around the weekend. Here are some of the reasons why short vacations have become so popular:


1.   Cost

The foremost thing is definitely the cost because that is what can help you shape your travel plan. We always want to find ways to save on cost, and the longer trips will definitely need more money than the shorter ones. Many people cancel their plans or save up for a long time to have their dream vacation. However, people now usually want diversity and so they break their travel plans to have more and at a better cost.

Short trips are affordable and you can find more ways to save on each expense. You can look out for cheap flights, alternative transport options, affordable stays, eat local delights, and more.

Most weekend getaways have packages that help you save a little more on cost. You might have to book your hotels way ahead because getting cheap accommodations within a short span of time is usually tough. However, there are also accommodation providers who can give you discounts for 3-5 nights of your stay.

Things to note:

       You must look out for discounts and deals

       If you go out in a group, you should follow the group rates and plan accordingly. This saves money for all.

       Try to get promo codes or follow travel contests that can help you get provisions for a trip


2.   Time

Time definitely plays an important role and that’s not just in one way. You need to get your holidays approved, plan ahead to get good deals, know the climatic condition of the place you want to visit at that time, and more.

Full-time employees mostly depend on weekends and holidays that luckily are adjacent to the weekends for planning a trip. It is usually tough to take out long vacations for young professionals, so getaways are ideal for them. The average amount of holidays in a year is around 16 days. It could be lesser depending on the country you are from, and that’s why vacations are planned during festivals.

You need to give a lot of time and effort to plan your trip. As per research, travelers go through an average amount of 38 websites to book their accommodations, get cheap flights, and activities. Planning is equally important for a mini stay just as we will plan for our dream holiday. When we spend money, we want to utilize it to the fullest. It is better to plan ahead and from the comfort of your home, even if shorter trips don’t need much to plan for.

Things to note:

       You need to have an estimate of what you want to do to plan your trip out. This will let you save time and have a neat itinerary ready.

       Research online and see what all you have access to so that you can make prior bookings and not miss out or waste more money when you get there. Just as you will first look for cheap flights and confirm you’re traveling, you should also find activities and events to be a part of.

       Try out offline options that give you detailed and reliable information about things that you can do at your stay. The local agents can help you ease out your plans, which is sometimes difficult to expect from virtual assistants.


3.   Diversity

If you plan a big vacation once a year and spend a lot of money to just tour through one specific location, you could have had more within than. According to time and number of leaves, it is always easier to plan out weekend getaways and even get cheap flights for those, rather than booking cheap flights for a trip, six months ahead of time.

We all have our dream destination, but there is so much more in the world than just one place you want to go to. People who wish to see diversity within a specific state or a country can surely plan out a big holiday, but the amount of money that it’ll require will be huge.

When we travel, we tend to go in groups, and that means everyone has their own choices. If someone wants to be by the seas, someone else might like to stay at the foot of a mountain. You can only fulfill everyone’s demand when you all decide to take short trips. This lets one person have his way in one trip, while the next is booked for the other.

You could have been disappointed to not see one place in two different climates, but with mini vacations, you will always like to come over to a place you had once visited. Mini vacations never let you have the most of one place, and that’s why most people like coming back and over and over again.

Things to note:

       When you plan a vacation, mark out some of the things to do and some of the places to must see. This not only helps you pack your bags but also tells you what to expect and what not to.

       You need to attend to seasonal trends and plan. For instance, if you are from a warmer location, you might want to travel to a place when it’s cold.

       Be open to other’s decisions and plans to make a trip happy and satisfying for everyone in concern.


4.    Planning

There is a major difference between planning for a short and a long trip. When you cut down on days, you don’t just cut down on money, but you also cut down on all the other possible things. You have a lighter luggage to carry, you have lesser places to eat, you have lesser time to make everything work out and that in turn might make you return to the place again.

When you plan for a short trip, you tend to take it easy and things seem to get organized within a short span of time. You can search and book cheap flights within 10 minutes, and then move onto accommodations. Most apps and websites let you have all under one roof, and they tend to give you more ideas about what to do and when you travel.

Things to note:

       Planning ahead of time lets you make the most of your mini stay. You don't have to work things out on your way.

       It is not tough to plan a short trip if you follow a list. Write down or note down the basic requirements like having a holiday approved, getting cheap flights booked, choosing the right stay, knowing what to see and do.


It is time to pack your bags and have your boss let you go. If you don’t get a holiday, you can always rely on the weekends and take a leave. Make sure to look out for discounts and deals for cheap flights and stays.