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A Walk Through The Woods In Fort McMurray

Not many people catch up cheap flights to Fort McMurray for a short touch-and-go visit. This little notorious Alberta town mostly has people spending long vacations, enjoying in the most lavish malls and liquor stores.

No matter how many bad things you might have heard about Fort McMurray, one thing that could never be taken away from Fort McMurray is that it is incredibly beautiful. Especially if you take cheap flights to Fort McMurray in late May, you can experience the glorious summer at its best. The natural grandeur would simply get you captivated to take a walk in the woods to find yourself in a completely different world.

You would walk among the sky soaring black spruce and the opulent jack pines. This is not just a flyover forest that most people easily dismiss as a strip of green; it is rather extensive woodland with historic stomps which is also a homeland to numinous creatures.   

The great Canadian boreal forest is known to house about a quarter of the entire wetlands in the world. It is also a home to five billion birds of different species and the carbon sink of this forest is twice as effective as any other tropical rainforest. It is easy to get mesmerized by the sweet song of birds, filtered light through dense leaves and organic aromas fusing into you.

As you keep walking uphill, the spruce seems to be transforming into fluorescent greenbelt of finely trimmed lawns. Follow the way between the ranch homes and you will enter a maze of tightly packed homes. On a normal day, you can see people of mixed community performing their routine tasks at the urbane bakeries, supermarkets and schools etc. This is quite a pleasant scene here in Fort McMurray that is often not much talked about.

The multicultural people of FortMcMurray form a harmonious workforce to develop this city to become next Calgary or Winnipeg which earlier were frontier towns now transformed into a real and happening cities. With completely developed economy, Fort McMurray depends on its diversified industries. The Government plans to make this town a global model for sustainable living in the North. All these steps together with natural beauty and sumptuousness make Fort McMurray a perfect place to spend some happy times with your family and loved ones.

The best thing about planning a visit to this fast-developing town is that cheap flights to Fort McMurray are easily available and since it is transforming to be an ideal place for living and holidaying, it provides ample and comfortable staying options.

Fort McMurray and its opacity are truly inspiring and it forces you to enjoy its magic. You might have heard that the traffic in Fort McMurray is terrific or that there are just too many liquor stores but there also is a greener side of the city which is beautiful and watch worthy. So, pack your bags to enjoy an invigorating walk through the woods in Fort McMurray.