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Five things you must carry on your flight

Five things you must carry on your flight

Whether you are an intrepid jet-setter who cherishes those millions of butterflies in the stomach that comes with flying or the panicky tech-atheist who would probably think that the aeroplane is missing phalanges; doesn’t matter!

The following five things you must carry to make your flying time easier and shall be on top your packing list.

 The Snack Attack

 Well after time; if there is something that is unstoppable and uncontrollable then that would be cravings and hunger! These hunger games know no bounds of time or place. It just comes and leaves you unsettling, devoid and empty. And it is even worse when this happens in the middle of nowhere, on a flight! Of course, you could resort to the expensive, insipid airline food that they had affectionately packed hours ago but that won’t make for the flying experience that you were promised, will it? So to avoid all that keeping a handy little snack or maybe not so little is always advisable. It will be an answer to your sudden, unlikely cravings and would help in any sort emergency hunger crisis like flight delays and baggage claim issues if any. After all, you don’t want to be jet lagged and hungry at the same time right! If you don’t use it in flight, you would always have a little extra something to munch on later.

 Warm Extra Something

 Now I know you have restrictions and all on hand luggage and you probably still have to stuff the souvenirs you bought from the airport the last minute; but carrying a shawl, scarf, sweater, jacket or anything like that while boarding will always be in your favour. Because it is most unlikely that your body will completely adapt thermally while on the plane. And you don’t wish to be shivering while you are the only one wide awake thinking about how comfy you would have been if you would have got that favourite sweatshirt of yours. So this little piece of cloth that you packed just because mom said so will cosy you up a little and lead your way to that desired state of repose, and help you get some good sleep. Ultimately you use your precious time in napping and not thinking of ways to kill time.

Alas! Boredom Kills

Just as smoking kills; boredom kills too especially when you are travelling all alone. Suddenly that long history class in college starts seeming attractive while you are just waiting and waiting. Waiting is quite an integral part of travelling by flight; waiting for customs clearance, waiting for boarding, waiting for baggage claims and so on. All this waiting and no entertainment make us dull very dull. So to safeguard yourself mentally carry some time killing stuff that will keep you entertained. Be it an iPod with a couple of playlists or some Friends episodes in phone or at least a book you just saw at the airport bookstore grab it before it is too late. That is going to be your saviour when you start thinking that your only chance to escape this boring flight is to jump off. But don’t be all tech-nerdy about it and miss out on the alluring views from above.

 Manage your Medicines

Well, this one goes beyond flights. Always, always carry your necessary medicines everywhere. Keep it handy; keep it safe but don’t miss them. With all the big stuff to pack, you tend to forget the little important ones, so the first thing to do is pack medicines. If you are likely to incur altitude or motion sickness then carry medication that will get you through the flight to avoid it altogether for you don’t want to be that one passenger whom the rest of the people would blame for their discomfort. Any other medical aid that makes up for your comforts such as ointment or Aspirin for a headache and nausea; inhaler and tissues if you are suffering from cold, etc. are a must. Now I am not implying for you to look like a pharmacist though and the flights are probably having all the essential medication these days, but as they say, precaution is better than care. And you don’t want to start your travel with a bad flight experience, do you!

Freshening up essentials

Well, this is really necessary for those long; really long international flights, when you are stuck in one place for at least a day. All the tiredness starts appearing on your face from your sore muscles, and all you want to do is find a horizontal surface preferably a bed and sleep, but that is not possible as you still have to deal with customs and checkpoints. So whatever it is that you need to get your spirits high; be it fresh wipes tissues, mouth freshener, deodorant, perfume or even a set of extra clothes don’t hesitate to carry it. It will only better help you combat the jet lag and not just freshen up your body but also re-energise your mind when you feel neat and clean.

 Quick Tips-

       Eat chewing gum to stay away from the long-lasting ear blocks happening due to air pressure.

       Tie a small distinctive coloured ribbon to your baggage that will make identifying it easier.

       Carry a set of a notepad and pen while travelling abroad as you would have to fill out some forms.

       Wear the most comfortable set of clothes during international flights for the so-called ‘Airport look’ is just a thing for celebrities and there is nothing more trendy than being comfortable.

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