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Get Your Adrenaline Rushing In Kelowna

As you book cheap flights to Kelowna, you might think it’s a romantic place with beautiful mountains, water and greenery all over the area; it may sound like an interesting place for people who love adventure. But surprisingly, Kelowna has a lot to push you to your limits and test the mettle in you.

If you too are an adventure lover and need a perfect holiday at a place that has plenty of options to fix your adrenaline rushes – book cheap flights to Kelowna right away. The adventure options in Kelowna ranges from exciting parasailing to mountain biking and much more. It’s all fun and gives you an easy physical exercise when you need it. Let’s explore how to get adrenaline fix in Kelowna:

Go Parasailing

At the Okanagan Parasail in Kelowna, you can soar as high as 300 feet from the water level to enjoy the most adventurous ride of your life. This parasailing ride gives you a breathtaking experience with a 360 degree panoramic view of the wonderful Okanagan valley.

If it is your first time for such an adventurous ride, you can choose a lower ride to practice before you soar up high. It doesn’t really matter if you fly up high or stay low; you get completely drenched or stay dry, you are sure to have an amazing experience as you float through the beautiful sky.

Try Flyboarding

At the Okanagan Flyboard you can stay close to water and pretend to be a water-rocket man. This water-powered adventure activity is incomparably exciting like no other. There is a hydro-powered flyboard which is attached to Jet Ski via a hose of 55 foot. The Jet Ski propels the water and pushes the flyboard rider into the air and the rider could actually fly like Iron Man or dive like dolphins or loop in and out of the water.

This adventure ride is worth trying. It is as fun to see the riders soaring high on the flyboard as it is to be the rider yourself.

Get On The Ropes

At the Wildplay Element Park and the Myra Canyon Adventure Park you get pretty good options to let your adrenaline rush through your nerves. There are some incredible heart pounding activities to test your mental and physical strength. Both kids and adults can equally enjoy the challenges over the ropes and other such obstacles.

Go Zipling

More adventure awaits you at the Zipzone Peachland in Kelowna where you can race through the tall timber stands and scream your heart out. If that is not enough for you, you can get more adventurous at the Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure Park in North Kelowna.

Apart from these, there are many other adventure parks and sports to be tried such as hot air ballooning and bunjee jumping in Kelowna. So, no matter what age you are or how physically active you are, there always is something interesting to try in Kelowna to get your adrenaline fix. So, pack your best sports outfit/footwear, book cheap flights to Kelowna right now and get ready for an adventurous tour to Kelowna.