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How To Enjoy A Tech-Free (Almost) Vacation

Booking cheap flights to your favorite spot and enjoying a family vacation is a great way to refresh your relations with spouse and kids. But, connecting with family members can be tough if you keep plugged to your electronic devices all day & night.

In real life, we all are deeply enmeshed with our electronic devices and media but family vacation is a time to have more face time with your family members. On a family vacation, even if you decide to leave your tab or laptop at home, you won’t really miss them much because you would still have ways to do important stuff. For example, you will have your smartphone to look out the hotel reviews before going out for dinner or you can use the devices available at the business center of the hotel to book cheap flight tickets for further journey.

Here are our best strategies to help you enjoy almost a tech-free vacation:

Limit The Usage Of Your Tab Or Laptop

The plus side of bringing your laptop or tablet to a vacation is that you can watch your favorite movies in the car or enjoy fun apps during the flights. Although your smartphone is an excellent device to kill out the boredom while commuting, it’s a good idea to limit the usage or decide a particular place and time for the screen viewing.

Try The Day/Night Rule

To limit the technology use, set the day/night or inside/outside rule like it’s allowed to check the phone and other devices only during the night or only when you are inside the hotel. Daytime is for outside adventure, playing, shopping and spending great time with your loved ones; so, it is better to leave your devices at the room.

If You Can’t Go Without Music

Music is the fun part of any vacation. You can ask your family members to download their personal music lists and share them on a single device. This way, everyone would not need to carry separate devices to enjoy their favorite tracks.

Pack Handy Family Games & Ditch The Video Games

Kids would love to play Uno, apple to apple or other card games with you on the go. Games like car bingo and mad libs fit easily in your carry bag too. If nothing else, enjoy the pleasant charade game to involve everyone and have fun.

Be Friendly

Kids, especially young ones may feel the desire to connect with their friends over Facebook or theyy may want to share vacation photographs over Instagram or Snapchat. You must respect their desire to digitally communicate with friends. Allow them to use the phone only for limited time period after day activities have ended up at the night.

Get The Local Fix

Instead of every family member watching their favorite program or flick on separate devices, break the solo experience and go for a family outing. Watch a movie in the theatre or enjoy a family dinner at a good restaurant. Get involved with the locals to collect some awesome memories to last forever.

If this inspires you to pack some affable stuff (less techonolgy) and get out for a fun family vacation, we get you cheap tickets and flights to your preferred destinations available just at a click.