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Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist – 3

The part 1 and part 2  of this ultimate checklist for long term travel has taken you up to three months from the day of your travel. Continue reading further as we move ahead:

Two Months Before

By now, things will start to materialize – your cheap tickets & flights are booked, your budget is set, savings are looking good and passport is ready. You now need to focus on more practical aspects of traveling; so let’s get started:

·         Check The Visa Requirements

If you need visas for the country you are planning to visit, this is the right time to apply. Make sure to research visa requirements for your destination.

·         Get The Checkups Done

If you are under some kind of medication, book appointment with health professionals for checkups and get all the required letters you need to take with you. Also, make sure to fill up all your prescription.

·         Inform The Real Estate Agent

If your flat or apartment is under lease, do inform your estate agent about your travel plans. Make sure that you do not break the lease because that may result into serious financial repercussions.

·         Schedule Your Contracts

Since you have booked cheap flight tickets for a long term travel, you may need to cancel or reschedule your contracts. You might also need to cancel your memberships of gym or club etc to avoid heavy cancellation costs.

A Month Before

It’s just one month left to leave. You must now complete all the important chores like:

·         Shop & Pack Appropriate Stuff

Depending on what you are planning to do and the places you are going to visit, shop for necessary stuff. Just pack the basic things as you can always buy some items on the go; so, no need to carry load.

·         Think Of Buying Travel Money Card & Travel insurance

Having a travel money card can be the best way to manage your finances overseas. Speak to your bank for more details.

For a long term, buying travel insurance is very critical. Make sure that you are insured sufficiently if something goes wrong. If you are taking adventure activities, mention it in your policy.

·         Notify Your Bank & Employer

You need to notify your bank and employer regarding your travel plans to prevent any unlikely event to happen. Since banks may seize your account on seeing foreign transactions and your employer can replace you with other professionals, it is an important consideration.

·         Make A Packing List

A detailed packing list would ensure that you do not forget anything. Absence of smallest thing like mobile charger or your sleeping pills can create huge troubles on a long travel.

One Week Before

·         Start Packing

Scan all your important stuff and documents. Refer to the packing list making sure you do not forget a single thing.

·         Get Some Foreign Currency

You can of course exchange currency at your destination but it’s always a good idea to have some foreign currency in your hand already.

·         Have A Party

You may not be able to have your favorite home cooked meal for months from now; so, have a party and eat what you love before leaving.

The Final Day

After all this hard work, it is now time to enjoy your travel. Just get to the airport on time and board cheap flights to your preferred destination.

Long term travel is fun. So, just book your flights at and let the long term fun begin.