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What Is Your Traveler Type?

People catch cheap flights to travel around the world for various purposes. Some of these people are explorer while some strive to do everything first and some loves to capture everything in their cameras which of these traveler type describes you the best?

Every traveler experiences the world through their own connotations. Find out your type to be a happy traveler no matter where you go…

1. Conformists

More than personal satisfaction and happiness, these types of travelers take a trip for social acceptance. They would book the cheap flight tickets to most unimaginative destinations and would choose dishes from the class-determined menu. Their basic point of traveling is not “where all I have been”; but what their peers think about the places where they have been to.

2. Collectors

These are the sophisticated type of travelers who hunt for most exotic and uncommon experiences. They often are very open to try or taste new things and would display a great interest in conversations. They meticulously pin every memory with precise name of the unique place they have seen or exemplary experiences they have had.

3. Escapists

These are most common and most intriguing type of travelers who want to refresh out from boredom, heartbreak, fear, conflicts, worries, work pressure, failure or simply themselves. All these situations cannot be completely avoided by traveling yet it is worth giving a try.

4. Thrill-lovers

If not too much into adventure sporting, thrill-lover travelers can easily be spotted at bars, beaches or as someone who always has rubber band tied to their ankles and ready to jump off a cliff.

5. Self-Improvers

They are quite admirable to get up early and stay out till late, trying to make most of everything. They are also likely to arrive at a place with proper research done beforehand. Self-improvers mostly have books (a lot of books) in their backpack.

6. Pioneers

These are go-win it all kind of travelers who are fearless and eccentric explorer. They are the stand-up guys who are automatically suspected as business travelers up to become very rich.

7. Pilgrim

Visitors of shrines, religious places and followers of certain trail come into this category. These types of travelers cannot only be spotted at the banks of holy rivers or at a spiritual center, you can even find them strolling in a mall or at a hill top.

8. Occasional

These travelers are there for a reason – a wedding, an event, a mach or may be honeymoon and likewise.

9. Curious

Such travelers are both – rare and precious. They have their minds, eyes and ears open wide to know everything about everything around them.

10. Oblivious

They are the careless travelers who don’t care much about where they are going to. They won’t even bother to look up and appreciate the view in front of them.

Did this help you discover type of traveler you are? If you are not a travel enthusiast, this would have definitely inspired you to step out and see the world your way. So, what’s the wait for? Just book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destinations at and discover yourself.

10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad (continued)

Continuing the endeavor of saving money on a trip abroad, here are some more tips to help ease your travel expenses and still have a wonderful experience:

5. Check About Your Currency

While you can easily purchase cheap flight tickets to your destination using your own currency, it makes sense to do a bit of research about your currency before leaving your country.

Currency exchange rates are not constant, it keeps changing quite frequently. You always have an option to exchange your currency with foreign currency in advance and this means that you can begin tracking the exchange rates a few months before you leave for trip. When you see the rates dropping, go for currency exchange before it rises again. This could save you a lot. You can even decide which country to visit according to the currency exchange rates of that particular country.

6. Make Some Research For Accommodation

Unlike buying cheap tickets & flights available at a website, most people book a hotel that is most familiar to them or that is available on discount at a travel website. However, there are several other aspects to be considered for accommodation except just these.

If you are not traveling with kids and don’t mind sharing space, why not book a hostel? People who need privacy can also look for vacation property on rent in place of a hotel. Even if such rental property will cost you same as a hotel room, you will have facility of cooking your own food. Make research to make sure that your accommodation is close to bus/train line and downtown area to save further on transportation. As a thumb rule, don’t forget to check the reviews.

7. Be Savvy While Shopping

Instead of mall and traditional stores, try shopping at local market to find truly unique items at a much less cost. Try to know more about the local customs to haggle over the prices so that you do not spend any more than necessary.

8. Get A Good Travel Budget App

It doesn’t matter how well you plan our trip, there may be situations when you need a car on rent or need to change the accommodation; for such circumstances, you can use a good budget travel app to sort everything for you and grab the best deal. Such apps are quick and could really snatch a great deal for you.

9. Indulge In Free Entertainment

Every major city of most countries has great options for free entertainment. You can research or speak with local residents in order to find cheap or free entertainment options. For example, almost every museum in London is free. Look for free concerts, public parks or festival celebrations.

10. Stay Away From Traps

There are some things special to specific locations but as you try to purchase something that would remind you of your trip, make sure that it is not quietly breaking your budget. The best thing to do would be making a list of special things you want to experience at a place and then narrow it further according to what is most exciting and most affordable.

Keep saving and enjoying your trips abroad stress free with these smart tips. Book cheap flights today at

10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad

Taking cheap flights and traveling abroad may feel like a high-expense deal especially if you are going with your family and children. However, there are some smart ways that can make your abroad tour as affordable as a trip in your own country.

In fact, anyone can have an affordable overseas travel if they could take time to properly analyze and plan their trip. If you too are planning a trip abroad and worried about the expenses, we get you covered with our smart ways to save money while traveling:

1. Choose The Air Tickets Wisely

Rates of cheap flight tickets can vary largely not only according to the time of the year but also according to day of the week. To get air tickets at the best rate, it is recommended to purchase tickets about 45-60 days in advance. You can even get as much as 20% discount on airfare by booking in the flights flying on Thursdays or Fridays. Most airlines offer huge discounts during September, it is recommended to plan overseas travel at this time.

2. Be a Cautious Diner

Trying out appealing food in different restaurants at a new place can be an exciting but costly affair. On the other hand, this aspect of traveling can be a great opportunity to save money unless your only purpose of traveling is to eat out more than often.

Most travel destinations have general cafes and fine dine restaurants in a same area. For financial concerns, eating at a café or street vendor is a far better choice than eating at a high class restaurant. You can even pick local ingredients from a nearby store and cook your own food if allowed at your accommodation. Keep savings in your mind while making eating decisions.

3. Choose Local Transportation Wisely

When you do not necessarily need to rent a car, you can save big by choosing the cheapest transportation available. For maintaining the expenses, you can always choose to walk through close distances if suitable. You can also look for discounted bus or train tickets offered especially for the travelers. Speak to local residents to know the route and transportation options to reach the place you want to visit. This will save time, money and thousand hassles of finding the correct/shortest route to reach your destination.

4. Watch Your Car Rentals

If renting a car is necessary, look for the discount websites to book the best possible rent deals. Also make yourself known to local laws for insurance as this will save you from unrequited expenses. Before renting cars from a company, do not forget to read the traveler reviews and steer yourself clear from unwanted situations like poor customer services and traveling in poor vehicles etc.

With these smart tips, even a thrifty traveler can save money like a pro. Saving money while traveling is not a tricky game, it is just about being smart and taking smart decisions …to start with, book cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destination at Some more smart money saving tips follows in the next part.

The Little Indian Corner In Canada

Indians make a significant part of total population of Canada. They are quite densely populated in cities like Vancouver and Toronto and thus the Canadian culture, cinema, shops, festivals and especially food has a great Indian influence here.

When you catch cheap flights to these Canadian cities with Indian influence, you experience that there always is a little corner that pays homage to rich and vibrant Indian culture. If you too want to experience India in Canada, here are our top recommendations:

My Shanti Restaurant In Vancouver

Owned by Vikram Vij & Meeru Dhalwala, My Shanti is located in a plaza at suburban surrey in South Vancouver. Including the food truck and the railway express food services, people of Canada can relish Vij’s food at three locations.

Their food showcases a unique and delicious fusion of Indian and Canadian cuisine. Adorned with bollywood sequins and sari cloth, My Shanti restaurant will transport you to India with awesome Indian food. Their menu is inspired by gastronomy techniques of preparing food. Eating here is a must-have experience in Vancouver.

International Bhangra Celebrations In Vancouver

The second name of Vancouver is The City Of Bhangra Festival. Bhangra is a folk dance from Punjab (an Indian state) that has most joyful music. During his festival, you can see a lot of men & women dressed in vibrant colorful dresses all dancing to the foot tapping beat of Bhangra.

Punjab is a land from where we have got delicious food such as butter chicken, tandoori rotis, jalebi, lassi and much more. Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration is also a time to enjoy such food in a great company of fun-loving people from India and Canada.

Yoga In Montreal

At just about an hour’s ride from North of Montreal – Laurentians are famous for skiing, charming villages and rolling hills. This region is also popular to impart the most authentic Indian experience in whole Canada at Sivananda Yoga Camp.

This is an amazing place that will compel you to book cheap flight tickets to Montreal with whole family. This camp is a perfect amalgamation of Canada’s wilderness and ancient wisdom of India. You can visit this camp to experience inner peace. It has a Krishna temple, indoor yoga rooms, outdoor exercise platforms, swimming pool, private rooms and sauna. They organize regular camps, events, workshops and yoga training sessions.

Little India In Toronto

Toronto is home to over seven hundred tthousand indo-Canadian populace. This place at Gerrard St. E in Toronto is also known as “India Bazaar”. Visit this place when you want to feast on Indian food such as dosa or when you want to shop Indian clothes or when you want to buy DVDs of bollywood music and movies. India Bazaar is an ideal spot to live the true Indian experience in Canada.

For cultural pastime, watch some great bollywood movies at a theatre near your hotel. You can easily book cheap tickets & flights to Canada at to live the experience two countries in one.


Fun With Kids In Winnipeg

On a family trip, the biggest challenge is to entertain kids and keep them happy. As you catch the cheap flights to a holiday destination, kids are the most excited to see a new place. Most of the city guides talk about historical tourist spots or museums that may not be very enticing for kids.

If you are looking for an ideal holiday destination to go along with your kids, consider Winnipeg. This beautiful Canadian city is the capital of Manitoba province and it is full of incredible outdoor activities for kids. So, when you book cheap tickets & flights to Winnipeg for a holiday this year, here are our recommendations for kid’s entertainment:

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Take your kids to explore the wildest attraction in Winnipeg at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Nestled at the heart of the city, this park zoo is one of the most popular destinations in Winnipeg with wild adventures and close animal encounters.

At the zoo, kids can discover wonderful animals of North Manitoba. The amazing animal species like polar bears, wolves, seals and other Northern species can be seen in their comfortable habitat. The biggest highlight of the park is a long ice passage that is build through underwater tunnels that allow your kids to see polar bears and seals swimming across.

For kids there also is an indoor polar playground and when they are tired, you can take them to the Tundra Grill which is a relaxed restaurant with great kid-friendly food.

See The Dinosaurs Come Alive

Winnipeg even brings dinosaurs alive at the Assiniboine Park. Your kids can now go face–to–face with real like animatronic dinosaurs such as ferocious T-Rex and three horned Triceratops etc.

This live experience with dinosaurs can thrill anyone be it kids or adults. Along with enjoying live dinosaurs, kids can also learn about scientific discoveries and history of evolution here.

Arctic Glacier Winter Park

This is one of the loveliest places in Winnipeg. Active during winters, it has 1.2 kilometers of skating trail that takes you to the interactive ice castle. For grownup kids, there also is Snowboard Fun Park to learn some cool ice skating tricks.

The professionally designed skating rink is designed professionally to be cooled in early winters and it remains frozen till the spring time. The skating rinks are connected to the plaza and the market places.

The Children’s Museum

It is a fun destination for whole family. It has 12 permanent galleries that evoke learning in kids. You along with your kids can enjoy a ride in the 1952 diesel locomotive or explore your perception in the illusion tunnel or indulge into fun experiments at the splash lab.

The best part of the museum is that it has an absolute toddler-safe play area – Tot Spot, where they can stroll through fairytale land. The museum also has entertaining public programs, special events and many interesting workshops.

All this and much more awaits you in Winnipeg to give your kids the most wonderful holiday and don’t be surprised if they want to come here again every year. You can book cheap flight tickets to Winnipeg right here.  

Family Getaway From Vancouver: Exploring Britannia Mine Museum

If you are in Vancouver and want to take your family for a fun getaway, head to Britannia Mine Museum. It would especially be an adventurous trip for your family if they are interested in discovering history and relive past age in present.


If you have cheap flight tickets to Vancouver booked, the Britannia Mine Museum is just 55 kilometers drive from North Vancouver. If you drive through Sea to Sky Highway or along Howe Sound to Squamish, it is difficult not to notice the giant mill which is a well known sign of this museum. The stunning location of the museum between Squamish and Vancouver makes it an ideal place to explore with family on a bright day.

It is a huge museum build across 10 acres of impressively maintained property. Getting around the museum to see all the buildings and exhibits is pretty easy but there are some stairs to climb to for a mine tour; so, see if the elderly members of the family could manage.

Inside The Tunnels

While the cheap flights to Vancouver would let you enjoy the magnificent Canadian skyline, the Britannia Mine Museum will take you underground. The tour takes about 45 minutes and a fresh batch progresses every half an hour from 10 AM to 4:30 in the evening. The museum is open seven days a week.

There are 210 kilometers of underground tunnels that are blasted through the mountains to lay down the railway tracks and other equipments. Since most of the tour part is through underground tunnels, make sure that you are dressed warmly because the temperature could be quite low.

A little train from the entrance drops you inside the tunnel for a short demonstration in the working tunnel. Expert tour guides accompany you to explain the mining processes. The ear-deafening sound out of a compressed air diamond drill can certainly give you an idea about life of the historical miners who worked in shifts.

There are some more demonstrations that explain how those miners used to gather up the rocks, blast the mountains, sort and process the entire stuff. It is fun to watch old machineries work and the tour guides actually fire up some old drilling equipment in front of your eyes. The tunnel tour is fascinating for everyone – be it children or adults.

Over The Mill

After the tunnels, mills are the place where tour ends. Mill 3 is 20 storey tall and that is huge considering it was built in 1921. By the year 1929, Britannia mines were the largest producer of copper in whole British Empire. It even extracted huge amounts of gold, silver, zinc, lead and cadmium.

 In 2007, mill 3 underwent a structural restoration that included changing over 14 thousand glass panes that provided much light to miners of the past and current visitors. The tour guides also narrate interesting stories of the miner communities from past. You even get to see historic photo albums along with letters and small artifacts like household items and cameras etc to showcase the lifestyle of the miners.

At the museum you have the gold panning available and there also is a kid’s play area in the Beaty-Lundin Visitor Center – the main exhibition hall. The mineral gallery, gift shop, Canadian mining hall of fame and other mining displays make this place an ideal getaway from Vancouver with family. For quick, cheap tickets & flights booking to Vancouver, just click here.

Budget Sleeps In Montreal

After long travel in cheap flights and a day full of hopping from one tourist place to another, all you need is a comfortable sleep. But, high hotel charges can snatch away your good night sleep quietly. Don’t let this be a case with you.

If you have your cheap flight tickets to Montreal booked either for a family vacation or business tour, here are our recommendations of budget hotels in Montreal to give you best sleeps without eating up your wallet empty:

Bed & Breakfast Chez Nous

Located at Ste. Famille Street, this is a peaceful place at the main floor of an elegant Victorian townhouse. You get a perfect sleep here in a cool, quiet and clean room. Every care is taken at Bed & Bedroom Chez Nous to not to disturb guests.

The impeccable room at the plateau is perfect for a couple to stay even during busy tourist season. That’s not all; you also get full breakfast at your preferred time in the morning along with a hot cup of coffee. The choices offered for the breakfast will truly make your day.

Hotel Ste Catherine

It is ideal to stay at Hotel Ste Catherine if you want to stay away from the town hustles. You can choose a room at the rear side of the building to get a great room at even better price.

This hotel is close to the metro station, shopping mall and popular restaurants and hence it is good to stay here with family. It has tiny but clean rooms with a continental breakfast menu including, tea, coffee, muffin and juice. The front desk staff is friendly and can guide you to enjoy great nightlife in Montreal.

University Bed & Breakfast

At a five minutes easy walk from downtown and next to McGill University, this is a cool place that has single rooms for a comfortable private stay. You can even book one of their suites that is good for up to 4 people.

The red suite has double bed while others have additional sofa cum bed. The University Bed & Breakfast offers package of coffee, tea, corkscrew and coffee maker to make you feel like at home. You also get free local calls and complementary internet connection.

Auberge Alternative

This place is dedicated to travelers who are also interested in arts. People here strongly believe in cultural sharing and ecological practices. Every visitor is welcome here to be a part of cultural life in this hostel.

It is a clean, quiet and well managed place with organic food and homely feel. The private rooms at the second floor are perfect for a couple’s stay. The unique part of this alternate hotel is that it also offers great activities like communal meals, art classes, jam sessions, haircuts, meditation and parties etc.      

Apart from these, there also are many European style small hotels in Montreal that you might like to stay in for a night or two on a short tour. And if you are comfortable about sharing bathroom you can actually get some great bargains.

No matter which budget hotel you choose to stay in, just ensure that you stay at a location close to local population for best experience and to ensure best travel experience, book cheap rickets & flights with us right here.

Cheap Eats In Toronto: The New List (Part 2)

Previous part of this post suggested some of the great places to enjoy cheap eats in Toronto. While you book cheap flights to Toronto for a wonderful family vacation, we are here with some more options to relish on best of Toronto’s street food without spending a big fortune:

The Dirty Bird

It is a newly opened waffle and chicken outlet in Kensington Market, Toronto. With tasteful urban décor, this place is adorned with neutral hues, wooden counters and industrial stools. It is a cool and relaxed place where you don’t have to worry about dirtying anything with your sticky fingers though you may lick your fingers clean.

The specialty of this place is that every ingredient is sourced locally. You can order a three piece meal here that has leg meat and bone in thigh pieces for just dollar 9. The thing that distinguishes The Dirty Bird from rest of the chicken centers is the final addition of maple dust that gives a sweet hint to the already delicious savory treats. If you have cheap flight tickets to Toronto booked, do not miss enjoying a cheap meal here.

Royale’s Luncheonette

It is a small but charming place that has only 15 seats. Located at the West, Royale’s Luncheonette is only open in daytime. The freshly assembled kitchen has new sparkling equipments with cabinets stocked with Willie Nelson and Miles Davis albums.

The counter at the Royale’s Luncheonette is full of appealing home-baked goods for easy pick and go. The concise eclectic menu has a few more than 10 dishes that keep changing every week except for the few regulars like Royale cheese burger that is available just for dollar 7. This wholesome treat can be clubbed with composed beet salad that has goat cheese with beetroot roundels and creamy yogurt with fresh veggies. You must also try their shrimp tostada for $8.50 that has seared shrimp with tomato sauce in a crisp mini tortilla topped with dollop of guacamole and crunchy carrots.

TuckShop Kitchen

It is yet another sandwich outlet that makes takeaway sandwiches with great care. It is a small neighborhood shop at Edwin Street in the Junction Triangle. This place has a school camp like classic ambience and as the name suggests, it is a school tuck shop since there are many schools around.

Their fridge is full of little treats for kids like pop rock, fun dip and surprise bags etc. there is another fridge that is full of treats for adults and kids alike – it has ice cream sandwiches, organic milk and other beverages. It is a great convenient store where you can stop by to have quick food and hot coffee on the go. You can even pick up necessities here.

Stop here for home-made comfort sandwiches and cookies. For lunch, there also are potpies, lasagna and other bakery items. Try their smoked turkey sandwich or the huge big buddy sandwich at just dollar 3.

Food of course is one of the chief aspects of traveling. While you save money eating cheap at these suggested places, we get you cheap tickets & flights to Toronto right here.  

Cheap Eats In Toronto: The New List (Part 1)

Apart from buying cheap flight tickets, another way to save on a trip, is to eat cheap (yet tasty) food at your destination. And if you are in Toronto, the task of eating cheap gets easier for you.

Toronto is a cross cultural city and this reflects in its street food that is truly unique and lip smacking. Pizza, sandwiches, tacos or fried chicken – no matter what you are craving for, Toronto has options to fit in your budget. So, here we explore some of the cheap food destinations of Toronto that are new but are serving great food:

Otto’s Berlin Doner

It is a great sandwich shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market. When you crave German food, this is the best destination as they specialize in German Street food.

Their best selling sandwich is a variation of Turkish delight that has flatbread filled with chicken, lamb and veal. Topped with fried halloumi, special yogurt and harissa sauce, this wholesome sandwich costs about 8 dollars. This giant sandwich can be clubbed with feta and fries with optional upgrades at just 50 cents each.

Apart from sandwiches, they also offer breadless versions of sandwiches and currywurst (with tomato based curry). You can even order a bottle of Prime Mate at dollar 3.80 or a caffeinated and carbonated version of cub mate. This European styled food joint is highly affordable and is one of the popular eating joint for Toronto’s locales and visitors. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Bobbie Sue’s

This is Toronto’s first all mac & cheese eatery. Located at Foxley a little off Ossington, this eatery is easy to find as it has attractive colorful paneled shacks.

The service is quick and the food is delicious. Operated only through a single walk-up window, Bobbie Sue’s complete every order with precooked noodles, choice of sauces and several add-ins. The classic mac & cheese is available for just 6 dollars. The basic mac & cheese is the base for other four vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations available here.

This place is sure to give you nostalgic eating experience when you crave lot of cheese. Their menu also includes buffalo wing inspired mac, pulled pork and curried tuna with peas. In chilly winters of Toronto, the food at Boobie Sue’s looks more appealing and truly warming.

Tacos 101

Unlike what you might think about this place by its name, Taco 101 is not any regular taco food joint. It is a small point with open kitchen and an open counter.

The uncomplicated menu is their high point with just five varieties of tacos along with selective sides and a few drinks. A pork taco costs about dollar 4 that is garnished with delicious salsa, spear of pineapple and onion. Their fish taco @ $4.50 is worth trying that has soft beer batter fried fish along with mango salsa, chipotle mayo and shredded red cabbage. You can also try guac & chips with home-made horchata to drink.

This is just a few cheap eating options in Toronto. Follow the 2nd part of this article to know about more of such food joints.

If you have your cheap flights to Toronto booked for a holiday, do enjoy tasteful food at above points without burning a hole in your pocket. For further savings, you can always book cheap tickets & flights at

4 Solid Reasons Why Studying In Canada Is Great

Canada has expansive coastlines, vivid wilderness, advanced cities and lovely people. No wonder it is one of the most popular holiday destinations to book cheap flights for. You might have read a lot about Canada’s natural beauty, its ski slopes and picturesque lakes but, beyond these surrounding aspects, there is much more in Canada especially for students.

Here are some more awesome reasons for international students to pursue their studies in Canada:

1. Affordable Quality Education

Canadian certificates, diplomas and certificates are considered equivalent to degrees from U.S or other commonwealth countries. Canadian people are serious about their education and it truly reflects in their top class universities and well-facilitated campuses.

Moreover, Canada offers a vast range of degree programs from humanities to health, IT and lot more. There also are abundant English and French language schools for overall development of the students. Almost every institution in Canada offer exciting side activities such as hiking and skiing etc. The quality of education in Canada although matches the U.K & U.S standards, yet, the living and study cost is comparatively low.

2. High-Tech educational Campuses

Educational campuses in Canada stand forefront with advanced technological trends. Canada has consistently been a recognized leader in information and computer technology.

Innovative educational programs like SchoolNet are pretty much available to every student here and whole country has numerous other education institutions that have all the high-tech teaching amenities with modern infrastructure. Many concert halls, Olympic standard sports facilities and other leisure activities keep the students fit and active. Students in Canada can even gain valuable experience through many government-run programs in fields of business, media and other disciplines.

3. Safe Multicultural Community

Canada has high living standards and its people are very friendly. Low rates of crime, many health benefits and secured university campuses make Canada the most feasible study destination for students. Canada is among 10 safest countries in the world and thus, in Canada, you need not worry about personal safety.

Plus, Canada has a very welcoming environment as it already has embraced people with different cultures coming from every corner of the world. Everyone’s customs and traditions are respected and preserved here. You can simply be you in Canada.

5. Immigration Possibilities

After you finish your studies in Canada, you may make up your mind to permanently stay in Canada. If you have a Canadian degree, it is easy for you to gain work experience and apply for a permanent visa.

Getting a permanent visa in Canada may take a few months’ time but it will allow you to build your career in a beautiful country with great opportunities.

Even if you are booking cheap flight tickets to Canada for a temporary educational trip, above wonderful reasons are sure enough to make it a permanent stay to study and build your future.

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