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The Little Indian Corner In Canada

Indians make a significant part of total population of Canada. They are quite densely populated in cities like Vancouver and Toronto and thus the Canadian culture, cinema, shops, festivals and especially food has a great Indian influence here.

When you catch cheap flights to these Canadian cities with Indian influence, you experience that there always is a little corner that pays homage to rich and vibrant Indian culture. If you too want to experience India in Canada, here are our top recommendations:

My Shanti Restaurant In Vancouver

Owned by Vikram Vij & Meeru Dhalwala, My Shanti is located in a plaza at suburban surrey in South Vancouver. Including the food truck and the railway express food services, people of Canada can relish Vij’s food at three locations.

Their food showcases a unique and delicious fusion of Indian and Canadian cuisine. Adorned with bollywood sequins and sari cloth, My Shanti restaurant will transport you to India with awesome Indian food. Their menu is inspired by gastronomy techniques of preparing food. Eating here is a must-have experience in Vancouver.

International Bhangra Celebrations In Vancouver

The second name of Vancouver is The City Of Bhangra Festival. Bhangra is a folk dance from Punjab (an Indian state) that has most joyful music. During his festival, you can see a lot of men & women dressed in vibrant colorful dresses all dancing to the foot tapping beat of Bhangra.

Punjab is a land from where we have got delicious food such as butter chicken, tandoori rotis, jalebi, lassi and much more. Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration is also a time to enjoy such food in a great company of fun-loving people from India and Canada.

Yoga In Montreal

At just about an hour’s ride from North of Montreal – Laurentians are famous for skiing, charming villages and rolling hills. This region is also popular to impart the most authentic Indian experience in whole Canada at Sivananda Yoga Camp.

This is an amazing place that will compel you to book cheap flight tickets to Montreal with whole family. This camp is a perfect amalgamation of Canada’s wilderness and ancient wisdom of India. You can visit this camp to experience inner peace. It has a Krishna temple, indoor yoga rooms, outdoor exercise platforms, swimming pool, private rooms and sauna. They organize regular camps, events, workshops and yoga training sessions.

Little India In Toronto

Toronto is home to over seven hundred tthousand indo-Canadian populace. This place at Gerrard St. E in Toronto is also known as “India Bazaar”. Visit this place when you want to feast on Indian food such as dosa or when you want to shop Indian clothes or when you want to buy DVDs of bollywood music and movies. India Bazaar is an ideal spot to live the true Indian experience in Canada.

For cultural pastime, watch some great bollywood movies at a theatre near your hotel. You can easily book cheap tickets & flights to Canada at to live the experience two countries in one.