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A Budget Vacation In Amritsar

Besides being the capital city of Punjab, Amritsar is also a popular and prominent Sikh spiritual center. Though, Amritsar is well known for the very beautiful Golden Temple, it is also known for its rich culture and delectable cuisine. Just like cheap flights to Delhi, cheap flights to Amritsar are also easily available from all the major cities.

This pious North Indian city is the best destination if you are on a budget vacation. Amritsar offers you great sneak into the timeless grandeur of olden times with immense beauty and excellent shopping experience. Overall, Amritsar is a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family. As you map out your trip to Amritsar, here is the brief of how, when and what to plan.

When To Visit

Amritsar observes extreme of winter and summer seasons; so, the best time to visit Amritsar is from end of July to November. Less cold months of February and March bestow a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy this young and vibrant city.

What To Do

  • Have A Peaceful Time At Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple)

Golden Temple which is also known as Harminder Sahib is the most visited place in Amritsar. The charm and tranquil of this place is truly divine and attracts a huge number of tourist from all across the world. Housed here is the holy Sikh book – “The Guru Granth Sahib” and this brings more than 100,000 worshippers in a day.

This pristine Sikh shrine is surrounded by a large lake of holy water that adds more religious worth to its magnificence. The Gurudwara is open for people of all religions, sex or race and you will be needed to remove your footwear and wash your feet before entering the premises. A visit to the Golden Temple is a must when you are in Amritsar.

  • Spend Some Time At The Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is a beautiful garden near Golden Temple that commemorates the massacre of 13 April 1919 where British forces had killed Sikhs as they peacefully celebrated Punjabi New Year. This was a mass murder not a consequent of war and a lovely garden spread in 6.5 acres is laid to respect the dead. Here, you can still see the walls bearing the bullet marks.

A short film with details of history is run at the museum. The garden is open for all between 7 in the morning and 6 in the evening. This place will magically take you back in time to feel the splendor and valor.

  • Have A Quieter Time At The Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple is the Hindu place of worship in Amritsar. It is a smaller replica in terms of architecture of the Golden Temple with its name derived from Hindu goddess Durga. This temple is not as crowded as the Golden Temple but it still is a prominent holy place in Amritsar; so, if you need to spend some quieter time, Durgiana Temple is an ideal place.

What To Shop

Amritsar is famous for its colorful handicrafts, fabrics and carpets. You will get enough options to shop here economically and take back some gorgeous items for friends and loved ones.

So, pack your bags for this brilliant place with great religious significance and book your cheap tickets at Cheap flights to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai are also available.

If Regular Tourist Spots Bore You, Food May Excite You!

Traveling is a very eclectic experience. Some people would get on with their cheap flights to Delhi tickets just to shop at Dilli Haat and some other types of travelers would always be excited getting cheap flights to Ahmedabad to explore the beautiful heritage sites like Bhadra Fort, Sarkhej Roza and many others. If you are kind of a person whose idea of traveling seems to be indifferent from all such itchy feet travelers and if you find regular tourist spots, sightseeing and shopping really dreary and tiring; food can definitely inspire and excite you to travel new destinations with undeniably interesting, fresh and scrumptious options to try out.

In India and especially in Mumbai, street food often charms more than any sophisticated menu at an urbane restaurant or food joint. The real flavor of Indian cuisine and spices can be best tasted in the local street food that is served hot and hygienically. So, here are the top choices for the innate food lover in you to indulge in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the most popular and very common street food in Mumbai that you will easily find everywhere. It is basically a mixed vegetable dish with lots of aromatic spices served with pav (a type of bread roll). The best thing about this king-of-street food is that you can literally enjoy it any time; it’s delicious and filling too. You will find many Pav Bhaji stands near the central station or at the beaches but if you want to have the best of all, just try it at the Juhu Beach or visit Sardar’s refreshments in a five minute walk from Mumbai Central. Sprinkle some lemon over the bhaji and just dig in your fingers.

Vada Pav

Now this is another very convenient typical Mumbai street food. You can simply pick it up and go snacking anytime. The fried vada (patty) is made with potatoes and loads of garlic and chilies, dipped in gram flour batter. The golden fried vadas are then sandwiched in buttered pav with some chutney. Vada Pav is equally enjoyed by students, businessmen, travelers and even foreigners. A lot of students flock around Anand Vada Pav stand opposite Mithibai College at Gulmohar Road. You would surely not like to miss on it if you are nearby.


Who could resist the smoky, tender and yet so crispy kababs. If you love non vegetarian food, kababs are the best option in Mumbai to pop in your mouth. The seekh kabas are made with meat cut into bite sized chunks marinated in a mix of spices and yogurt. They are then sewed into sticks and grilled over coal fire to give it amazing charred look and taste. Some popular kabab joints like Sarvi at Dimtimkar road have been serving delicious kababs since more than 90 years.

Milkshakes And juices

Health conscious people in Mumbai can enjoy very refreshing and very light juices and milkshakes in warm evenings at some of the best juice bars like Bachelorr’s at Chowpati Sea face. An expanded variety of chocolate, strawberry milkshakes and fruit smoothies can be tried here along with some great fruit juices like Liquid marble and lychee delight.

There are many other street eateries the serve excellent sea food, chaat and of course Bhel puri at each corner of this huge city. So, if all these delectable food choices stimulate your taste buds, you can right away book cheap flights to Mumbai at

On Vacation With Children In Delhi & Bangalore

Traveling to new places for vacations is equally loved by adults and children. If it is only adults, deciding a destination could be simpler as they exactly know how to enjoy a trip in company of friends and loved ones; but things may get quite waffling if you have children accompanying you to the trip. You just cannot board cheap flights to Delhi just with a plan to visit popular locations like Raj Ghat, India Gate and others hoping that the young ones would enjoy it too.

Children are difficult to please and it is really necessary to supply them with interesting activities to get engaged into. The idea of fun vacation for children involves something adventurous, educative and truly enthralling. Delhi and Bangalore are two most visited cities of India and if you are you are booking up cheap flights to Bangalore or Delhi for a family trip, here is what can keep the young ones happily appeased on vacation in these two exciting Indian cities:

In Delhi

Talk about entertainment, fun or food, this capital city of India has a lot to offer exclusively for children. Following kid’s special spots in Delhi can make their vacations a memorable one:

  • National Science Center

It is located closer to Pragati Maidan, at gate number 1, Bahiron Road. It makes a perfect destination for young students to explore the miracles of science with its seven science exhibition galleries: Information Revolution, Our Science & Technology Heritage, Pre-historic Life, Emerging Technology & Water, Fun Science and two more. It is an amazing walk through scientific epochs for both young and adults.

  • The International Doll Museum

Setup by famous cartoonist, K. Shankar Pillai, the doll museum at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg is a huge collection of dolls. It is mesmerizing to watch dolls displaying European and Asian countries with explicitly designed costumes to resemble their respective provinces.

  • Children’s Park Near India Gate

After you have relished the beauty and galore of legendary India Gate, you can take children to nearby Children’s park with plenty of slides, swings, fun rides and lawns. Children can also enjoy at amphitheater, library, aquarium and jungle book theatre over here.

Other Places To Enjoy

Delhi is full of good eating joints to stimulate and satisfy the taste buds of young ones with what they like the most. Other places to enjoy with children in Delhi include metro walk in Rohini, rail museum, national zoo and Fun and Food village.

In Bangalore

Bangalore is a young and happening place with lots of choices for children. Here the most interesting ones:

  • Bannerghatta Biological Park

This park gives and amazing getaway from city and in company of animals. You can see tigers, elephants, crocs, monkeys and many others. Children can also enjoy elephant rides and safari trips.

  • Wonder La

It is an amusement and water park for all. It also has thrill rides and train rides with separate pools for young kids and women.

  • Industrial & Technological Museum

It takes you for hands-on science experiments and animatronic spinosaurus. Your children can also explore the art museum too.

Other Places To Explore

There are plenty of book stores if your children like reading books and a government aquarium that will enchant children with its colors and beauty.

Overall, Delhi and Bangalore make a fulfilling destination for the entire family. For cheap flights to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore from your present location, visit

The Southern Splendors Of India

According to a competitiveness report of travel and tourism in late 2013, India is ranked at 65th spot among total 144 countries. In another report from World Tourism Organization, India is expected to grow as one of the biggest tourist destination in South Asia with over 9 million arrivals by 2020.

While western and northern regions of India are still developing their tourism sectors to be more appealing and enjoyable, South India regions of India offer great touring experience. If you are planning an overseas short trip to India or if you are in India and wish to explore South India, cheap flights to Hyderabad and other major South Indian cities are easily available for your convenience.

The South Scope

There are many reasons that significantly contribute for making South India a perfect holiday destination. The beauty of South India can nicely be embraced in a short trip of 3 or 4 days since this region is sophistically connected through constant and convenient flight services (domestic and international). Here are few (not all) points why you will love the Southern splendors of India:

1. Convenient Travelling Options

Many domestic and international airlines connect main South Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag and Bangalore etc through regular and very convenient flight services. You can get some fantastic online deals for cheap flights to Bangalore or other places. It is also a nice idea to take a bus ride from Bangalore to Chennai or Hyderabad to enjoy the beautiful sites by the road. Frequent bus services provide easy travel options.

2. Excellent Infrastructure

Since South regions have recently emerged as one of the sought after tourist places in India, it encompasses excellent infrastructures and facilities. You can easily find budget hotels for economic trips or world class hotels if you enjoy luxury staying. The local transport and public facilities are also well maintained here to offer you an expedient traveling and staying time.

3. Stable Climate

Climate in South India is almost stable throughout the year. You can visit here any time of the year without worrying about facing extremes of heat or cold. During rains, it may get a bit humid but otherwise, it is a pleasant and enjoyable place throughout.

4. Splendid Coastlines

Northern and Western regions of India do not have coastlines excluding some in West Bengal and Gujarat. South India cities boast gorgeous sea and tremendous coastlines to be enjoyed during your tour. If you love water and adventure sports, coastlines in Hyderabad and Chennai are just perfect. It provides a playful spot for entire family.

5. Tourist Spots

Major tourist spots in South India include:

In Hyderabad

  • Charminar
  • Golconda Fort
  • Birla Mandir
  • Hussainsagar Lake

In Chennai

  • Elliot’s Beach
  • Anna Zoological Park
  • Kapaleswar Temple
  • Covelong Beach

In Bangalore

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Vidana Soudha

Major South India cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore etc are the best spots to explore the most passionate and breathtaking South Indian culture, lifestyle and food. So, make your next holidays more fun and satisfying in South India with cheap flights to Chennai and other flight services at

Nanak Flights: Your Preferred Holidaymaker

Holidays are a great getaway from regular chores of life, work pressure or any other kind of physical or mental stress. Everyone loves their holidays to be pleasant, refreshing and unperturbed but your holidays may turn to be tremendously stressed, unorganized and vexing without the help of an experienced holidaymaker like Nanak Flights.

Unlike any other travel agency Brampton, Nanak Flights is your single stop solution when it comes down to planning a perfect holiday. We help you with everything from H to Y of your HolidaY. If you want to spend your holiday with family in some of the popular cities of India, just getting the cheap flights to Hyderabad or cheap flights to Bangalore are not a guarantee that your traveling and staying in these cities is comfortable and enjoyable. There are a number of online websites that lets you book cheap flights to anywhere in the world but only Nanak Flights can offer you complete holiday solutions, let us explain how…

Friendly Suggestions

Through our vast experience and long service tenure in this industry, we are capable of providing you most friendly advice to plan your holiday. We can always suggest you to book cheap flights to Chennai only during colder months between November to February to ensure that your holiday in Chennai is not sweaty and exasperating. And we can also let you know the perfect holiday destination to suit your expectations; like if you love adventure, we may suggest you most adventurous locations and if you love peaceful environment we have explicit recommendations.

Easy Flight Bookings

Flight booking through Nanak Flights is an expedient experience. We offer flight bookings for a number of airlines to suit your requirement of travel and budget. You just need to select and inform us about your preferred holiday destination and we will make sure how you can reach there quickly and cost effectively.

Best Services

Why only after reaching the destination? We believe and ensure that your holiday begins as soon as you board your flight. We can help you to get preferred seats and meals during your travel. Nanak Flights is also the best source to book best hotels, local taxi and bus services to make your holiday as convenient as it could ever be.

We Value Your Money

We value not only your money but also your trust that you seamlessly invest in us. We get you cheapest air fares with guarantee along with price drop guarantee that saves your money in case the air fare drops after you have already booked your holiday with us.

Constant Support

The biggest reason why to book your holidays with us is because Nanak Flights can capably become your best and constant support throughout the holiday. If you are stuck with any type of issue like arranging for local car services or knowing about cheapest dining facility or flight information, Nanak Flight is right in your constant approach.

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Nanak Flights: More Than Just A Travel Agency Brampton

You may need to travel for various purposes. While a huge number of people across the globe travel to exotic locations to spend merriest times with their families and loved ones, plenteous of businessmen travel to multiple locations to meet needs of their businesses. No matter how brilliant is your choices of destination to spend your vacation or to carry out your business meet if the travel experience and boarding facilities are not up to par, the entire purpose of fun or profit can drift.

You simply cannot afford to spend thousands over family trip only to be stressed looking for perfect sea facing property or be exasperated finding the affordable places to dine. So, what is the way out? You need an expert to meticulously arrange everything for you, someone who knows exactly what you want, feels exactly like you do for your trip or in other words, sees the whole world exactly as you do. We, at Nanak Flights are passionate to serve you best of traveling and holidaying experience. And that is why we are not just a regular travel agency Brampton; we are your complete trip planners who assist you beyond what is normally anticipated from a travel company.

When you book with us your flights to Vancouver Canada or any other desired location, unlike other travel agents, it is not the end of the services; in fact it is a beginning of a relationship that we strive for with full interest and hardship. Let us show you how we can make your business or holiday trips a successful and comfortable experience:

For Your Business Trips

Business trips are often urgent and highly demanding. We as most experienced travel agency can let you know and book the nearest hotel to your business establishment. Besides providing you cheapest air tickets even at the last moment, we would also make sure that your room is all equipped with required technology like wifi connectivity and in room phone so that you can operate your business without any obscurity. If you need, we can also book local taxi and bus services for your total convenience. Leave everything related to your business travel on us and be free to dedicatedly concentrate on developing your business incessantly.

For Your Leisure Trips

Nanak Flights make sure that your leisure trip is relaxed and enjoyable. Our friendly and experienced staff assists you in everything, right from the selection of right location to cheap flight booking and hotel bookings. Instead of suggesting you random packages according to popular choice, we give priority to your aspirations, like if you are on your honeymoon, we will suggest you peaceful and less crowded locations for complete privacy and if it is a family tour, we will make sure that your holiday destination includes enough activity for everyone in the family. Just tell us what your dream holiday is like and we will turn it into a beautiful and affordable reality.

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Nanak Flights: An Affordable Travel Agency Brampton With Benefits

In earlier times, planning a vacation was a great matter of complex things like deciding the destination (mere on the recommendation of friends), booking tickets (hours of deep dig into the charts and flight timings) and finding suitable staying & dining facilities (usually the most common and costliest places). With internet, things have really become easy. You have got exquisite services of online travel agents to meticulously pick out all the complexities from the process. But is your travel agent just a ticket booker to get you cheap flights to India? There is much more in the capacities of a travel agent to serve you. You need absolute services of Nanak Flights.

Nanak Flights is total solution travel agency Brampton that assists you beyond just ticket booking services to make your vacation the most memorable and blissful experience. We, at Nanak Flights are greatly motivated to serve you with unique functions, features and benefits…

Consumer Friendly Functions

We are a very consumer friendly company that believes in serving you the way you want it. Our staff will never impose their recommendations on you. With us, you are free to choose your own package of travel. Tell us that you need cheap flight to Ahmedabad booking with vegetarian meals and taxi service booking for local touring and we would arrange everything for you perfectly. We understand how baffling it could be sometimes to choose the right destination, right hotel or right time to a visit particular place; our staff is friendly and experienced to understand your expectations and then patiently help you throughout the process of selection and confirmation.

Gainful Features

What makes Nanak flights completely unique of any other online travel agents is our gainful features that makes entire deal much more conducive for you. We offer you lowest airfares with full guarantee. So, you need not tire your fingers searching and comparing prices of different flights. We get you the best possible deals. We are 100% Canadian owned company who could give you best information of places in and around it for excursion and staying.

Our biggest feature that completely works in your favor is the “Price Drop Guarantee”. This feature allows you to secure your money in conditions when the price of the ticket falls after you have already booked with us. So, we get you full value of every single buck you invest in us.

Benign Benefits

We value your trust and money that you endow to our services to provide you plenty of benefits like:

  • Cheapest airfares with guarantee
  • Full services to book your preferred hotels in advance
  • We can even help you to have meal and seat preferences
  • Money saving with price drop guarantee
  • Best of local and global information to make your tour comfortably ideal
  • Experienced and affordable services
  • Stress free tour management across most popular Indian and Canadian spots

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Smart Travelling With Travel Agency Brampton

Majority of people consider that a travel agency Brampton is only good to get you a cheap ticket to your destination; but that is not all! Booking your flights to Vancouver Canada or flights to India is the minimum service we at Nanak Flights provide you. Consider an abstract situation:

“You are a business man who needs to travel from Calgary to Bangalore, India via New Delhi with a 4 nights stay in Mumbai, plus local taxi services and bus booking from Delhi to Punjab and return flights to Calgary.”

Arranging this kind of a complex travel requirement is not an easy task no matter how good are your internet finger reflexes. Instead of spending hours in searching suitable flights with cheap deals, hotel bookings and other required services, isn’t it smart, easy and conducive to use the expert resources of an experienced travel agent?

Travel agents are truly multifunctional. Nanak Flights as a reputed travel agent can amiably make your tours exceedingly convenient through best of their services and knowledge. Here’s how…

We Help You Organize Your Tour

We are specialists in organizing your tour in a way that it is most comfortable. We let you know the exact flight timings and other necessary information that you need to know about your travel like special visa requirements, vaccination or baggage charges etc. Since we handle a lot of destinations, we can always bestow you helpful information about best places to stay, dine and enjoy suiting your budget and taste.

We Make Sure You Get What You Want

Wouldn’t that be too annoying if you find on the flight that they do not serve non-vegetarian meals when you wish to have some or when your seats are not in accord with what you wanted? Do not worry any further; when you book through us, we take total care of every little aspect of travelling. From seat preference to meal preference and choice of other facilities, customizing everything according to your liking is just so easy with us.

We Bring You Convenience

Nanak Flights can suggest you when is it the best times to visit a place of your selection or what location is ideal to stay in for easy commutation etc. Since we are a full service travel agent, we can even help you to book hotels, taxi and bus services in advance so that you never face a discomfited situation in an unknown place.

Last Minute Savior

There always could be a situation when you need to travel to a destination urgently only to find out that all the suitable flights are either full or are charging heftily. In such a condition, Nanak Flights is your best savior. We can arrange best deals for your last minute travel plans. We are highly motivated to serve you with practical solutions for every travel need.

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If You Are Young And Love To Travel

Hello young travelers! You might have landed to this post while searching for cheap flights to Calgary or flights to Vancouver for an adventurous trip. This post is definitely for you if you are young and a travel enthusiast who thinks you will never need to turn your face up for a travel agency Brampton for any requirement. You are quite right and we know that you have solid grounds to think that way.

You are young; you have the energy and you are an entrenched traveler who has seen the world. You may be the most popular guy in your college or locality who people like to refer as they plan their family vacations for a suitable location and easy route. With internet on your fingertips, it is always so easy for you and for everyone else to look for travel information like best destinations, routes, maps, flights and hotel booking deals and everything else. Majority of young people perhaps don’t even know what is a travel agent and what do they do? And if they know a few local travel agents they would assume them only to be of use to certain class of people who do not know how to use computer or internet to solve everyday bustles of life, and we are very sure that you are definitely not one of them.

Think Again…

A reputable travel agent like Nanak Flights can make your travel experience even more convenient and relaxed than tiring your fingers constantly clicking over various sites to get cheap flights to Ahemdabad or anywhere else in the world. The real deal with us is that we get you better flight and hotel booking rates than what is available for general public. This is through discounted rates directly from the authorized facility. We also get you access to exclusive and totally unique lodges and staying hotels that are hard to be found on any major hotel booking sites. Wouldn’t you love the peaceful environment of lovely little lodges that are not much crowded with general tourists?

Big chances are that by using the efficient services of Nanak Flights, you end up going to the same destination and staying in the same hotel but with us taking care of everything right from the discounted deals to helpful advices. The coolest thing about using our services is that you always have an instant assistance in case anything goes wrong during your travel.

If you have this misconception that travel agents charge you heftily for their services, that is not at all true; we charge you a nominal fee that is much less than what you would otherwise pay (unknowingly of course) for specialized and fancy deals.

You are a young soul and you are definitely busy, isn’t that just a very comfortable thought that you simply mail us and step out to enjoy the breeze while we bear all the worries about how you can travel from Calgary to Mumbai in less than 24 hours. Now click on to explore more of what Nanak Flights can do for a young traveler like you!

So You Think Travel Agency Brampton Is Useless?

Booking flight ticket to Mumbai or flights to Vancouver for your next trip may be an exasperating exercise. While there are plenty of websites that allow you to book cheap flight to India and rest of the world, do you think hiring the services of a travel agency Brampton can ease the task for you? Well, let’s explore through some facts:

  • Over 20% out of total 2000 travelers admitted in a recent survey that they took over 5 hours to find a suitable deal
  • Online information of flights and destinations often are confusing especially when you need to travel to new and unknown locations
  • When you book independently through online booking sites, you have no one to respond to your complaints or changes that you may need
  • Travel agency Brampton are observing growth since past few years since travelers are once again turning to them for hassle free travel

All these facts clearly indicate that hiring the services of a reputed travel agent can benefit you in more than many aspects of travelling. The do-it-yourself approach of many travelers often gets them into great dilemma with given choices of numerous flights, thousand hotels and tour packages. One straight solution to shun all such issues is to connect with one trusted travel agent. Nanak Flights is one of well entrenched travel agency that helps to simplify the flight booking process and cease out all the hassles. Here is how we do it:

We Save You Time

We do not squander your time by leaving you puzzled among plenty of flight options; we rather provide you selected options to fit in your requirements of schedules and budget. Less time consumption during the process of flight booking means that you can have maximum time to happily plan for your tour.

We Save You Money

We bring you lowest airfare with complete guarantee. So instead of sifting through plenty of online websites, Nanak Flights is your single spot to get cheapest flight deals. With our price drop guarantee, it gets even more sensible to book with us and gain the advantage without worrying about the drop in prices.

We Understand Your Needs

Very rare it is the case that travelers are well prepared with what they want and where do they want to visit. Our expert agents can help you plan your tours with friends and family in the most exotic locations that you can enjoy. We strongly motivated to build a memorable tour for you.

We Share Best Resources

When you use our services, you gain a double deal of our best resources too. We have peers at almost all the locations to be you local guide in case you need any assistance in a foreign location. We let you use our resources to avail best staying and dining deals.

We Bestow You Experience

As a tour planner and expert, we can help you plan a flawless tour with real local information. With us, you do not travel like a tourist; we give you an exceptional experience with best of our services and local details of people, places, culture and cuisine.

We Provide You Endless Support

In case you encounter any problem, Nanak Flights is always within your easy reach to resolve your issues instantly.

More than merely a travel agency, we take immense pleasure to be your friendly and personal guide to make your travel a pleasant experience. For more details on our services and comfortable flight bookings, visit