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Up & Coming Toronto Summer Festivals

In Toronto, summers mean 2 things:

1. High temperature

2. New festival every week

Summers are the best times to book flights to Toronto. There are so many exciting street festivals happening in Toronto that you will not like to miss a single minute. Our last post informed you about some amazing Toronto festivals falling in June.

Since it is now last day of May and if you cannot get cheap tickets to Toronto to experience the fun of June festivals, fret not, even the months of July and August have a long list of up & coming summer Toronto festivals that you can still make for. Just have a look:

Major Festivals In July

·         Franco-Fete

This festival is a great opportunity for French speaking people who are living in Toronto. They can get together to share their thoughts and culture. If you want to learn more about French culture, music and Language without flying to France, this festival is a brilliant occasion. It is planned to be organized at Younge-Dundas Square on July 5th & 6th July.

·         Big On Bloor

The streets between Dufferin and Lansdowne will be closed for Big On Bloor festival on 19th & 20th July. It is relatively a new festival being celebrated in Toronto but last year, it drew over 80,000 visitors. It features many local art and craft vendors alongside the streets.

·         Salsa On St. Clair

This year, the Salsa On St. Clair is expected to be the most exciting Toronto summer street festival. It is going to be a weeklong festival between 12th to 20th July which obviously will be celebrated along with St. Clair weekend on 19th & 20th. Whole city will be flooded with many events and live performances. Book your cheap flights to Toronto right now if you do not want to miss this festival.

·         Beaches Jazz Festival

This is a beaches international Jazz festival on 24th to 26th July to start from Woodbine and end at Queen St. East. About 50 Canadian bands will rock the streets from 7Pm until 11 Pm.

Major Festivals In August

·         Taste Of Danforth

This is one of the most popular Toronto street festivals with plenty of food, music and dancing. The crowd is huge on streets for this festival; last year only there were about 1.5 million visitors. To attend this festival, be in Toronto between 8th-10th August.

·         Festival Of South Asia

From Coxwell to Greenwood, the entire Gerrard Street of Little India closes for Festival Of South Asia. It is a great opportunity to party with Indian food and Bollywood music. On 23rd and 24th of August, this festival draws a great crowd on the streets.

·         Scotiabank Buskerfest

Many magicians, live performers and dancer will gather at Younge Street from 21st to 24th August for Scotiabank Buskerfest. This year, the festival will support Epilepsy Toronto.

You can be a part of all the above amazing Toronto summer festivals only if you book your tickets to Toronto early; don’t miss the festive fun and book right now.

Book Your Cheap Flights To Toronto For Hot Festivals This Summer

Summer festivals of Toronto are the best times to enjoy incredible local street foods, vivid cultural and exciting entertainment. Tourists from all across the world start booking their cheap flights to Toronto right from March and early April to be  a part of these cult festivals but it’s not too late yet. You can still find cheap tickets to Toronto to experience the Canadian way of having fun in summers.

Here are the most popular summer festivals in Toronto occurring in June 2014; however it is advisable to check the local event and festival calendars before booking your tickets to Toronto:

1. Pedestrian Sundays

This is an ongoing festival in Kensington market to fall on every last Sunday of the month. Between clogged streets, you are left to enjoy open music, drum rolls, dancing and art. Last Sunday of each month from noon to 7Pm are fun filled experience in Kensington market. Coming Sundays to enjoy this festival in Toronto are: 29th June, 27th July and 31st August.

2. The Waterfront Festival

Between 20th and 22nd June, the waterfront festival will feature unique entertainment and watery demonstrations. It is expected to have a wine and beer garden at the Sugar beach. You can also experience the aquatic dog show (we are serious) and many other water sports during this fest.

3. World Pride 2014

Toronto is hosting world pride 2014 this year. It will be running from 20th to 29th June with massive street parties between 27th and 29th. There also will be a huge pride parade on 29th June starting at 1 Pm. This is the world’s largest celebration of mass wedding with great party and marriage certificates. It is all set to make a record this year.

4. The Junction Summer Solstice Festival

This is a witchy festival to celebrate longest day of the year – 21st June. From day to night, it will be a DIY culture mixed with blasting music and colorful local art. Pedestrians are allowed to enjoy the festival from Quebec to Indian Grove.

5. Taste Of Asia

You cannot miss this festival if you are interested in Asian culture and arts. On 28th and 29th June, the streets between Gorvette Road and Steeles Ave will be storming with multicultural performances. On-street basketball games, eating competitions and 100,000 visitors wandering at more than 150 street vendors are the major attractions of this festival.

6. Fusion Of Taste

The intersection of Albion Rod and Islington Avenue at Etobicoke will totally be morphed into a street festival on 28th June. From noon until 10:30 in night, more than 100 live performers will demonstrate the real cultural diversity with flavorful food and fine art.

Above are the popular festivals of Toronto to be occurring in June 2014. Stay tuned to the blog to know more about up and coming Toronto festivals in July and later.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get your flights to Toronto promptly booked right now, right here.

Family Things To Do In Ottawa

If you have booked your tickets to Ottawa and think you are going to visit a city with staid traditional eating joints and beige dull government buildings with nothing much to do for the family, you are wrong.

Ottawa – besides being the capital city of Canada is also a city that is full of fun up to the brim and there are many quirky things to enjoy in Ottawa. Your cheap flights to Ottawa are your gateway to a wonderful city that is a perfect family vacation destination. Here are top suggestions to enjoy best times of your life with your family in Ottawa:

Let The Cold War Museum Chill You

Diefenbunker is the cold war museum in Canada. It is an underground bunker that was built for Canadian officials in the events of nuclear attacks. It is now open for public. You can tour inside the war room, prime minister’s hide out and emergency broadcasting studio that have been beautifully preserved over a long time from 1960s.The cold war themed movies are also shown inside the bunker on third Tuesdays of every month. So book your flights to Ottawa so that you could be there in Ottawa on third Tuesdays.

Appreciate The House Of Art

Have you ever visited an art gallery that is setup in an unusual space? In Ottawa, you can visit the art gallery that artist Brenda Gale Warner has setup in her own living room. Her wood frame home is more than 140 years old and today it is better known as Gallery 240. She has displayed her own art works along with other work of art from local Canadian and international artists.

Enjoy At China Town Eatery

The Shanghai Restaurant is a family run China Town Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its rustic Chinese food and it wonderfully morphs into a quirky night club on Saturdays. The drag queen China Doll in this restaurant hosts the most popular Karaoke nights in the entire Canada.

Explore the City With A Quest

The Urban Quest is place where you can play the role of Sherlock Holmes to find and follow certain clues to explore the Ottawa city and its vivid history. As you solve all the clues, the trail leads you to a mystery restaurant and amazing meal.

Spend A Night At The Jail

Don’t be astonished. Your flights to Ottawa will not get you arrested to directly spend a night at the jail but the Hi-Ottawa Hostel in Ottawa can let you sleep behind the bars in the old Carleton County Gaol. If sleeping behind the bars does not scare you enough, here, you can even try something scarier – take a haunted walk of the building of 19th century; this way you can discover why Ottawa was considered one of the most dangerous towns in North America.

These are just a few suggestions to enjoy with our family in Ottawa. You can get the best deal on flights to Ottawa here.

Many Reasons To Visit Montreal

If you have booked tickets to Montreal for a fun filled family vacation, trust us, you will not be disappointed.  Why?

Because Montreal offers you best charms of both the worlds - Europe and North America. As your flights to Montreal land, you can immediately feel the fast paced modern lifestyle of North America wonderfully blended with old yet romantic fascination of Europe. The atmosphere of Montreal is remarkable and there is no other place on this Earth that offers such contrasting and appealing attractions.  

What To Do

You book a super exciting experience with your cheap tickets to Montreal. With vivid history of more than 400 years, Montreal never gets short of interesting things to do. Montreal houses a lot of iconic shopping destinations like Bonsecours Market, Notre-Dame Basilica, Place Jacques Cartier and Saint Paul Street. For ultimate shopping and dining experience in Montreal head straight away to Sainte Catherine Street followed by Saint Denis Street that has a number of fine-dine restaurants.

The Olympic Stadium of Montreal is also worth a visit place as it is the highest stadium of the world with inclined tower. And if you love being in company of natural magnificence, Botanical Garden and Biodome are the perfect spots.

Where To Eat The Best Treats

There are plenty of amazing eating places in Montreal that offer great food. If we just go about recommending you the best places, it definitely includes Usine-a-Spaghetti at the Saint Paul Street. The décor of this restaurant completely compliments the wonderful food that is served here with a strong influence of local and international cuisine.

If you are looking for economical eating on your trip, La Banquise is the place for you. Here you can enjoy cheap but most flavorful poutine in entire town at anytime of the day. If you wish to enjoy a lavish eating experience, head to Le Pied De Cochon restaurant and it’s classic foie gras poutine is absolutely delectable. For the best coffee kick in Montreal, visit Tim Hortons.

Best Night Experience In Montreal

Adventure and fun never ends in Montreal; not even at nights. There is an entire district dedicated to some nightly enjoyment. The show district – Quartier Des Spectacles presents lot of lively shows every night. You can enjoy live concerts, standup comedian acts and theatrical performances. During festival season, this district is a greatly recommended spot in Montreal.

Visiting Places In Montreal

Getting around various places in Montreal is exceedingly easy. All the places are well connected via convenient Metro Systems that are pretty cheap too. Although major tourist attractions are just a short distance away from each other and can easily be visited if you have good walking pair of legs; but if you are too tired and want to escape harsh winter, just step on a Metro for a pleasurable ride.

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city but it is homey enough to make your vacations an enjoyable experience. For cheap flights to Montreal, you do not need to struggle tough, just click here.  

Hotspots In Toronto

With tall skyscrapers defining the brilliant architecture, thriving art & culture scenes, delectable dining and entertainment options, Toronto guarantees a good time for everyone. Plenty of sights, snow expanses and amazing terrain mean you can safely book tickets to Toronto for an adventurous holiday.

Toronto boasts an edgy style and it is a city that has beautifully adapted best of the whole world. When you book your flights to Toronto for a vacation, don’t bother to wonder about difference in cultures and lifestyle, just enjoy the city as a whole world put together. So, before you search internet to book cheap tickets to Toronto, here are the top hotspots in Toronto you must know about:

Toronto Islands

There were no Toronto islands until 1858 when a Hurricane created gap between the main city and the new isolated lands now known as Toronto Islands. There are nearly 24 islands spread in an area of 600 acres and there are about 800 artistic communities on these “Jewel-like” islands.

The Toronto Island is a peaceful and kid-friendly place to visit. With little pollution and most photogenic surroundings, these islands have bunch of cottages amidst incredible views and tall maple trees.

CN Tower

The spiky CN tower is just as cool and adventurously iconic as when it was build in 1976. It basically serves as primary television and radio communication tower but a ride in the glass elevators that takes you up to the highest levels of this freestanding 553 meters structure is one of the things that you must do while you are in Toronto.

The views from its observation deck are simply astonishing and to add little more thrill to your visit – try climbing another 101 meters to reach the uppermost viewing area SkyPod.

Kensington Market

This is a multicultural market in Toronto that offers a blasting shopping experience. You can find brilliant baked food, local specialties, farm fresh produces, vintage clothing and everything else you could imagine. Eating in this market is an incredible experience because you can get world’s food cuisine served at a single place.

The streets of Kensington market are full of talented artists, bikers, dealers, musicians and urban hippies. It is a safe market to explore funkier side of this ultra modern city.

The Beaches

The Parklands and the beaches along lake Ontario are the must visit place in Toronto. Alongside the beaches, there are many colorful gardens that are also safe for kids and they can enjoy a lot of activities here.

In case you are planning for relaxing and sunbathing or picnicking with your family, reach out to three most famous beaches in Toronto – Kew, Woodbine and Balmy.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

If you love arts then the Art Gallery Of Ontario has the most excellent collection for you to watch. It includes a vast collection of photographs, Australian Aboriginal arts, first nation’s & Inuit carvings, rare Quebecois religious statuary and a lot of Canadian works from the Group Of Seven and Emily Carr.

If you have taken cheap flights to Toronto expecting it to be a perfect destination for entire family, you will not be disappointed. For deals on quickest and cheapest flights to Toronto, click here.

Food Getaways In Vancouver

Vancouver is a place where farm fresh produces are a common find. For a foodie who loves fresh produces, Vancouver is like a heaven. If you love fresh food, book cheapest flights to Vancouver right now for exotic food getaways in Vancouver.

For a food enthusiast, it could be a dream come true to tour leisurely around local wineries and picnicking on local made cheese and bread after hogging on farm fresh breakfast. It could even be an ideal day to be cycling around country lanes or splashing in the sea to grab fresh vegetables and fishes for the dinner. Though it may sound like a dream to many but it is quite a scene that you can enliven in Vancouver – you just need to catch cheap flights to Vancouver.

While most of the tourists focus on multi star hotels and restaurants for best food experiences but the real flavors flourish in the backyards of local homes and lush fields. If you could spare a day or half to explore the local culinary choices, it will be your best experience in Vancouver. Here are some of the top suggestions for best food getaways in and around Vancouver:

A Half Day Trip

In just a half day tour, you can discover Italy within Vancouver. You may leisurely roam around Commercial Drive or around the Burnaby heights. There also is a guided cultural and culinary tour –A Wok – that takes you around Chinatown. It is the oldest and most prominent food tour to Vancouver’s neighborhood.

Vancouver is also the best place to go for berry-picking at the local berry farm. You will find all types of berries here. The fields smell like fresh jams and you can always pop some plump berries right into your mouth

A Day Long Trip

Get on your bicycle for a cycle trip to farms of Agassiz to enjoy slow food of Vancouver. You can either plan your own cycle tour to explore local farms or you can take a ferry ride to visit exotic islands and taste its exotic food that is fresh and truly indulging. Don’t miss to taste some organic chocolates here.

Weekend Getaways

You can get on to discover the exotic gourmet culture in lavender farms of Cobble Hills. For an extended trip, you can also visit Salt Spring Island during the autumn season. You will get a chance to visit luscious apple farms and organic orchards. It’s amazing to taste great varieties of apple that can only be found in Vancouver.

When You Have More Time

Take a tour to wineries of Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys for best wine tasting. You can begin your tour from keremeos to head through the desert country – Oliver and Osoyoos and then up to Summerland, Penticton and Kelowna. It is easy to find some farm-to-table restaurants here that serve best wines and local foods. Get a homely accommodation here and you might also get an opportunity to take up a culinary cooking class.

With such food getaway options, Vancouver has all the potentials to become your favorite food destination especially when it just takes to book cheap flights to Vancouver. Get the best deals here.

Bangalore With Its Wonderful Weekend Getaway Options

Bangalore is the most popular and a great place to reside in or to spend your vacations at. Besides lovely people and good weather throughout the year, what makes Bangalore most attractive is its sublime location. This city is strategically located surrounded with many other amazing places that you can easily visit to feel like you have landed into entire new world.

You can easily book online cheap flights to Bangalore from anywhere in the world and when you are done with regular things-to-do in the city, you can visit following wonderful weekend getaways around Bangalore:

1. Coorg

Coorg, at just a distance of 259 kilometers from Bangalore is an excellent place to enjoy trekking and adventure sports. Coorg is specifically famous for its different lifestyle, beautiful people and distinctive food.

At Coorg, you can explore a different culture, amazing sword and rifle collections at shops as well as in every single house. You can stay at local home stay options to experience the local culture and food at its best.

2. Hassan

For your love in archeology, Hassan is the place you must visit. Located at a distance of 187 kilometers from Bangalore, Hassan is also famous as Archeological Capital Of India.

Hassan has many historically significant places of the world within a close vicinity of 50 Km of radius. The exemplary architecture of the cities like Haelbidu and Belur makes it a visit-worthy place.

3. Horsley Hills

The amazing outer world like sceneries could be enjoyed just 177 kilometers away from Bangalore at Horsley Hills. It is the starting point of the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also take an historical tour at the Horsley Hills Museum.

This place is also known for its natural foliage that includes Gulmohar, Eucalyptus and Allmanda among many others. Check the local event calendar and plan your visit to align with annual boat race for best weekend splendor.

4. Bandipur

Nestled in the giant Nilgir Hills, Bandipur is a very popular tiger reserve. It is located just at a distance of 235 kilometers from Bangalore. If you are lucky enough you can spot tigers in their most natural behavior.

5. Bheemeshwari

Just 100 kilometers away from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is a fascinating small town. Historically important temples in every street, lush green sceneries and flowing steams will welcome you here. Bheemeshwari is surrounded by many pretty waterfalls in most of its sides. Enjoy fishing here for a peaceful experience.

6. Shivanasamudra

Travel about 135 kilometers from Bangalore to visit The Sea Of Lord Shiva – Shivanasamudra. Beautiful waterfalls with their pleasing sound create an enchanting atmosphere as they lyrically flow. It is also the first in all Asia to harness hydro electric power.

These are just few of the options for pleasant weekend getaways from Bangalore, there are abundance of more places around Bangalore for a short trip. So, this summer, plan and book cheap flights to Bangalore and have the most fascinating experience in the surrounded places. Grab best deal on air tickets here.

Why Calgary Is The Best Place To Shop In Canada

It’s a holiday time, your best friend is getting married or you just feel that your closet needs fresh stocks – whatever may be the excuse to validate, shopping is always an acceptable leisure, especially if you are in Calgary.

Calgary has many world class stores that may not be found in other Canadian cities but there are some more reasons why most of the shopaholics love to shop in Calgary. If you are a shopping freak who also loves to save whole lot of bucks, your surest and best deal is to book cheap flight tickets to Calgary, we’ll explain why…

Lower Taxing

Most of the local and even foreign tourists know that trips to Calgary mean they will be spending less; or if you want to take it other way, trips to Calgary means you can buy more for less. The reason being, least sales tax in the province; there is no HST or PST. You will only be charged 5% GST (Government Sales Tax) and thus Calgary is the best place for high value shopping.

The tax free shopping in Calgary draws a lot of shoppers to its store every year. The best part about shopping in Calgary is that every single item of your extended shopping list will get into your cart because everything is easily available here.

Best Of Western Canadian Flagship

The major shopping malls in Calgary house many Western flagships in stores like BCBGeneration, Tory Burch and Rolex; you can get exclusive designer collaborations such as Marni and Ana Della Russo. Flagships offer greater selection than any other standard store and agging along facility saves you from carrying many bags.

Major Malls In The City

Almost every mall in Calgary has been renovated in recent years to give you an expedient shopping experience but for best time of all, there is no other place better than The Core. This shopping mall is a quiet place but not after 11 AM on Boxing Day. You may even need to struggle hard to get the items sorted through the bargain but the end deals will make up for everything.

If you love Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Tory Burch head straight to Chinook Center. Here, you can also find the very first and exclusive stand alone Tiffany boutique between Toronto & Vancouver.

For kids clothing, you must head to Market Mall that also has a Play Area. Another mall – The South Center Mall nestles a Disney Store with Crate & Barrel and an enjoyable personal style concierge service for free.

In case you like funky electric repurposed goods, you can visit Inglewood. And if contemporary fashion is your choice, you can visit Fashion Central that offers local designer works as well as best brands like Fluevog and Betsy Johnson.

Some of the Calgary hotels provide gift cards on booking with them to further improve your savings on shopping in Calgary. To enjoy the virtues of shopping in tax free Calgary and to further save your bucks, book cheapest flights to Calgary right here.

Kayaking In Vancouver

If you have boarded cheap flights to Vancouver for a long vacation or if you are already in Vancouver for a long vacation and wondering what could be more adventurous thing to do other than common crowd places to visit – try kayaking and you won’t be disappointed.

The best place to enjoy abundant natural grandeur of Vancouver and the amazing kayaking experience is Deep Cove in North Vancouver. This is just not a deep cove in Vancouver but it also is a quaint community with calm water and serene atmosphere.

The cove is naturally protected from powerful winds to create strong waves in the water. You will certainly enjoy calm waters for a change from regular strong waves as found in the city side Stanley Park. Apart from a spectacular mountain view, there are many other reasons that validate kayaking in Vancouver to be the best to-do thing in Vancouver in those rare moments when you are actually bored in Vancouver; let’s explore few major reasons:

A Healthful Rap

Vacation is a time when it gets easy to skip your little exercise regime. Kayaking is great fun mixed with good exercise for your arms. Also, when you feel lazy and just want to bask around in nature and recollect all the goodness, kayaking offers a great time with company of good friends or family members.

A Romantic Idea

You can always hire two-person kayak to spend lovely time with your special friend or spouse. Nothing can be more comforting and romantic for a young couple than to enjoy each other’s company as the kayak sail in the ocean at its speed. Usually, only one person is needed to paddle the boat while the other person can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty; it’s a nice idea to give your lady the back seat to show how caring you are.

A Safe & Cheerful Option

Even if you have never tried kayaking before, you can simply rent a kayak, get the paddle and get pushed away straightly. There are rare chances for a big kayak to tip over in the ocean; so, do not fret but enjoy the sail. If you get wet at all, it’ll be the water splashed by your friends. There are many rental shops from where you can get a huge variety of kayaks and canoes for a wonderful kayaking experience at a reasonable price.

Other Places To Hang Around

Deep Cove is a great place to spend good times before and after kayaking. The beautiful seaside village offers great walks, hikes and beaches. There also are some eateries with good food options. If you love donuts, don’t miss your bites on soft and delicious donuts at Honey’s Donut here.

You may easily get a short trip to Deep Cove in North Vancouver arranged by your travel agent from where you get your cheapest flights to Vancouver booked. Other than that, there are regular buses and other transports to take you to this popular destination in Vancouver.

To enjoy best kayaking experience in Vancouver book your cheap flights to Vancouver right here.

Best Of Bangkok In Bangalore

Bangkok is a real trove of wonderful experiences. Now, you can experience best of Bangkok in the rich city of Bangalore, India without boarding cheap flights to Bangalore. Best of Thai food, massages, shopping and much more nestles quite comfortably in Bangalore. Let’s discover Bangkok in Bangalore….

The Fashion Fiesta

Many of the world class fashion labels such as Gucci, D&G, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton are available in upscale fashion shops of Bangkok like The Emporium and Siam Paragon. All these famous fashion brands are easily available virtually in every shopping mall in Bangalore. So, you do not need to book cheap flight tickets to Bangkok for splendid Bangkok-style fashion shopping.

For stylish and trendy accessories and clothes, you can check out Tibetan Plaza located off the Brigade road. Right in the basement of Dubai Plaza, the Tibetan Plaza has several shops managed by immigrants from China, Tibet and Philippines. You would not need to make great efforts to find nice clothes, accessories, handbags and other leather products. Although the shopkeepers here can be a bit inflexible but you can still try your chance to bargain.

In here, there also is a Tibetan restaurant with town’s best Thukpas and Momos; don’t miss to bite on while enjoying shopping here.

Authentic Thai Food

Rim Naam is the place you must visit in Bangalore if you want to enjoy authentic and most flavorful Thai food. Rim Naam is best known Thai restaurant in Bangalore as it retains classic Thai cuisine and flavors in its extensive food menu. Try out noodles, soups, salads and special dips with delectable seafood preparations and vegetarian dishes. A lot of food ingredients in this restaurant are directly imported from Thailand.

Fish Spa

Fish Spas are very popular in Bangkok but the Dr Fish therapy is available at Kenko Spa in Bangalore. The Kenko fish spa is a natural way to get pedicure making your feet feel and look good. The therapeutic benefits of the fish pedicure also help to get rid of minor skin allergies such as eczema. The fish will eat up the dead skin for natural exfoliation and to improve blood circulation.

Thai Massage

A lot of beauty and hair therapies along with many other Western style therapies are delivered with natural products at kaya Kalp in Bangalore. You can experience ultimate levels of relaxation and rejuvenation without actually taking long flights to Bangkok.  Thai massages are popular in the whole world to remove stress from the body and muscles. Thai massages can also improve blood circulation and balance your body with mind and spirit.

Buddha Statuettes & Artifacts

The best of Thai craftsmanship is available right in the city of Bangalore. The Sunshine’s Garden Boutique of Bangalore stores excellent Buddha statuettes and garden artifacts to decorate your loved spaces. Check out the captivating Buddha water bodies, sandstone water bodies and mermaid water bodies here.

So, instead of flying to Bangkok, fly to Bangalore and get the best of Bangkok right here.