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3 places to visit in Edmonton

Edmonton, “the city of festivals” as it is hailed, is located in Alberta. Edmonton attracts a decent number of tourists every year. Here we present to you the top 5 places that you will never regret visiting.

1. Winspear Centre:

To experience the best acoustics and to have a pleasant evening, Winspear Centre is the go-to place. With lots of music lovers around, the concerts hosted here are a major reach. To cite an example for the acoustics being at its best, you could even hear the choir members turning of the pages from your seat. Well may be surprising, but that’s trueJ. The ambience and decor of the Centre would floor you down. Look for your favorite symphony performing at this very venue and book your tickets right away. They are also known for their inexpensive ticket fares J

2. West Edmonton Mall:

The largest shopping fraternity of North America and the tenth largest shopping mall in the world is this West Edmonton Mall. Covering about 5,300,000 square feet, the mall holds about 800 stores and a parking capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles. A few attractions at the mall would include:

Galaxy land: Second only to Ferrari world, this indoor attraction at the West Edmonton Mall has 24 rides in it.

World Waterpark: This is the second largest indoor waterpark in the world and has the world’s largest indoor wave pool, with six wave bays each with 2 panels.

Nightclub Empire Ballroom: The Joint and Ka'os Nightclub were once the tenants of this recreational spot.

3. The TWOS:

The southwest corner of the coronation park, holds this Centre, which was first opened in 1984 to replace the Elizabeth planetarium. Telus World of Science was formerly known as Odyssium, after it was changed from Edmonton Space and Science Centre. This Centre was raised by the Edmonton space and science foundation. The exhibits galleries of telus world of science includes:

GPS Adventures Canada: This is an interactive maze combing technology with 3D puzzles in four rooms dedicated to Global positioning system and navigation technology.

Space Gallery: Aspiring astronauts can find this place to be like wow! Would you believe if I say this exhibit runs you through a computer program that turns your face in to an alien? You have to, as it does J

Environment Gallery: This interactive gallery keeps you informed about a few possible ogy’s which includes hydrology, ecology and meteorology.


If you are planning for a day’s trip to Edmonton, then this places would sum up your day. Added to this the places that you can take a sneak look at would be places like the Alberta railway museum where you can find a never-ending display of trains, the Edmonton City Hall, which can turn your sunny day into a pleasant one with the wading pool that it has right in front of it and last but not the least the Alberta Art Gallery which could your trip awesome with the exhibitions over there.


Have a fun-filled, informative trip to Edmonton! Don’t miss booking your flights.