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Presenting The Cheapest Air Fare Calendar

Nanak Flights has always been there with you in your search of cheap flights to your favorite destinations. We are your leading travel partner with IATA & TICO accreditations that helps us to serve you most competitively with cheapest possible air fares.

For business, studies, holiday and much more - flying today is such an essential part of everyone’s life. We define your flying and ticket booking experience to be extremely smooth with our premium airlines and excellent customer services. We even ensure that your dealings with us are highly secured up to your satisfaction.

We now even have our business profile listed in the well-regarded database of CCC (Canadian Company Capabilities). This further assures that you get best-in-the-industry services with our association. We have got all the technology and excellence you need.

Taking A Step Further

We understand that flight rates may vary day to day because of many factors, that is why we cover you with price drop and lowest price guarantee where you get the freedom of booking your cheap flight tickets in advance without stressing about further drop in the price.

Taking our same legacy of exuberant services and cheapest flight tickets a step forward, we present Historical Cheapest Fare Calendar for last year (2015). This calendar is displayed right at the homepage of our website when you scroll down a bit.

Get More Information At a Glance

When you fly frequently, it makes sense to look for cheapest possible airfare and that is what we are here to serve you with.

This cheapest fare calendar has been historically arranged so that it presents required information in a systematic order. It is aimed to help you plan your ravel to different parts of the world while simultaneously guiding you to save money with cheap tickets & flights.

Just a look at this calendar can proffer following key information:

·         You instantly get to see the popular most destinations and routes that saw the maximum traffic last year. You can plan your trip to or across these destinations knowing the fact that they are popular and hence would see some great deals.

·         You can see ticket prices for the whole year that has passed in a single view. This would give you a fair idea of how prices fluctuate during a year.

·         Since the lowest price of the year to a destination is marked red, you immediately can notice the month with lowest fare. This allows you to plan your holiday at a time when you have the maximum possibilities of catching the cheapest of all time air fare.

We are 100% affirmed that this calendar will prove to be a great help for you while searching for cheap flights. So, now you need not waste any time in researching the past year lowest air ticket prices in order to get cheapest tickets this year – we have got it all sorted for you in our historical cheapest fare calendar.

Just plan your travel in complete comfort, assurance and safety with us.