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Family Things To Do In Ottawa

If you have booked your tickets to Ottawa and think you are going to visit a city with staid traditional eating joints and beige dull government buildings with nothing much to do for the family, you are wrong.

Ottawa – besides being the capital city of Canada is also a city that is full of fun up to the brim and there are many quirky things to enjoy in Ottawa. Your cheap flights to Ottawa are your gateway to a wonderful city that is a perfect family vacation destination. Here are top suggestions to enjoy best times of your life with your family in Ottawa:

Let The Cold War Museum Chill You

Diefenbunker is the cold war museum in Canada. It is an underground bunker that was built for Canadian officials in the events of nuclear attacks. It is now open for public. You can tour inside the war room, prime minister’s hide out and emergency broadcasting studio that have been beautifully preserved over a long time from 1960s.The cold war themed movies are also shown inside the bunker on third Tuesdays of every month. So book your flights to Ottawa so that you could be there in Ottawa on third Tuesdays.

Appreciate The House Of Art

Have you ever visited an art gallery that is setup in an unusual space? In Ottawa, you can visit the art gallery that artist Brenda Gale Warner has setup in her own living room. Her wood frame home is more than 140 years old and today it is better known as Gallery 240. She has displayed her own art works along with other work of art from local Canadian and international artists.

Enjoy At China Town Eatery

The Shanghai Restaurant is a family run China Town Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its rustic Chinese food and it wonderfully morphs into a quirky night club on Saturdays. The drag queen China Doll in this restaurant hosts the most popular Karaoke nights in the entire Canada.

Explore the City With A Quest

The Urban Quest is place where you can play the role of Sherlock Holmes to find and follow certain clues to explore the Ottawa city and its vivid history. As you solve all the clues, the trail leads you to a mystery restaurant and amazing meal.

Spend A Night At The Jail

Don’t be astonished. Your flights to Ottawa will not get you arrested to directly spend a night at the jail but the Hi-Ottawa Hostel in Ottawa can let you sleep behind the bars in the old Carleton County Gaol. If sleeping behind the bars does not scare you enough, here, you can even try something scarier – take a haunted walk of the building of 19th century; this way you can discover why Ottawa was considered one of the most dangerous towns in North America.

These are just a few suggestions to enjoy with our family in Ottawa. You can get the best deal on flights to Ottawa here.