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Fly Easy For Business: Top Tips

Business travel is not always easy. Constantly looking for cheap flights, sleeping in flights and sticking to the devices can easily derail your entire routine and make you cranky.

Read on to clutch most helpful travel tips to make sure your business travel is stress free and productive:

#1 Snub Off The Germs

Airplanes are an easy place to catch viruses and bacteria to make you feel sick. Snubbing off the germs is simple; just carry a small tube of bacitracin and a bottle of hand sanitizer. As soon as you enter the flight, sanitize your hands before you touch anything and put a dab of bacitracin in both of your nostrils. This will help ward off the evil.

#2 Bring The Noise Down

To bring the noise down in the plane, you do not need bulky and expensive headphones. Just get some disposable soft ear foams. They are the best solution because of many reasons – one they are very cheap, two they are easy to pack, three they are landing and takeoff friendly since they are non-electronic, four you can sleep comfortably even while wearing them on.

#3 Eat Smart

Eating right at the airport can be simple if you follow below rules:

·         Look where the pilots, flight attendants and other crew members are eating

·         Prefer eating protein over carbs because they will keep you full for longer without feeling heavy

·         Drink bottled water and not soda drinks because they can mess up with your tummy

·         When in doubt, go for chicken quesadilla

#4 Stay Connected

Travel with wireless USB modem. They are a better solution because they can catch any cell signal and can work anywhere. This way, you will always stay in connect with your contacts and documents. It can even help you to book cheap tickets and flights on the go for further traveling.

#5 Clear The Security Fast

First, use the premier line if you have any justifiable status. Second, get into the line that has more of solo male business travelers because they will have lesser accessories than females to discard and they are competitive enough to clear the security ASAP. The line will move fast.

#6 Trounce The Jet Lag

Reset your watch right when you enter the plane if you are traveling through different time zones. Do get some sleep only if it is night at the destination you are traveling to. Eat light and never ever sleep unless it is dark outside even if you are dead tired.

#7 Read On Local Newspaper

When you are in a new place, pick up and read the local newspaper. This will make you look like a locale and you will avoid eyes of many people lurking at you. This will also keep you updated about the local events, weather and other important things.

For stress free business travel, it is imperative to keep a positive attitude. Above that, you also need to acknowledge helpful people during your travel. It is seen that traveler who are kind and polite generally get better services, upgrades and itinerary. So, maintaining a happy demeanor during your business travel is the primary step towards a stress free travel experience.

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