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Holi – The Festival Of Colors Is Calling You In Canada

Holi – the colorfest of India is no more just restricted to its land. It has now become a widely celebrated holiday across the world and especially Canada. This year, Holi is being celebrated in second week of March and that is why, now is the right time to book cheap flights to Canada for a wonderful experience of this festival in a whole new innovative fashion.

The Holi festival of India has nicely been adapted to American/Canadian scene. The festival marks the arrival of spring and end of winter blues. It sets the whole atmosphere happy with social merriment and varied customs and traditions. On Holi, people leave behind all their worries and embrace a new life with better lifestyle. Indians residing in Canada celebrate this amazing festival of colors with great zeal in company of local friends and loved ones.

Holi In Canada

Since a lot of Indians reside in Canada, it is quite common to see colored face roaming on roads in Holi. In fact, a lot of people book cheap flight tickets to Canada to experience this colorful festival with a refreshing amalgamation. People of all ages and group get covered with vibrant colors like red, green, yellow and pink.

Last year, even the members of parliament joined the Holi celebrations in Canada along with the Indo-Canadian community. The music and dance programs are also arranged on the streets of major Canadian cities. People sing and dance in small groups called – ‘Tolis’ and they throw colors on each other. It is fun experience for everyone in the family especially for young kids.

Special Treats Of Holi

Along with powder color – gulaal and pichkaris, Holi is also famous for gujhias – a special sweet prepared in Holi. They are sweet little pockets of pastry that encloses a mixture of delectable solidified milk and dry fruits. Many Indian sweet shops in Canada prepare this special Holi sweet.

These shops also sell other dishes associated to Holi such as mathri, thandai, kachoris, malpua and much more. If you are in India or Canada for Holi, do not miss treating yourself with these Holi specialties as they may not be available at any other time of the year.

Safety In Holi

Naturally, Holi colors are 99% cornstarch mixed with colored powder which is harmless to your hair and skin. But precautions must be taken while playing with these colors. Avoid throwing colors in eyes and cleanse your face well after the fest is over. Prefer buying natural or herbal colors from good shops and avoid playing with chemical based colors and sprays.

Holi is a special festival that spreads the message of friendship and brotherhood. Such a festival, when celebrated with jolly spirits in a multicultural country like Canada, it encourages traditional notion and good relations. The festival of Holi is just around the corner and it is a great opportunity to enjoy the festival with whole family. So, what’s the wait for? Just get the cheap tickets & flights to your favorite Canadian city booked at Nanak Flights and enjoy this delightful festival with lots of food, colors, music, fun and free hugs