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International Stores In Canada For Everything You Need

Whether you are immigrating to Canada or reaching Canada via cheap flights for a family trip, it is always better to know about best international stores so that you never need to roam around for finding things of need.

Toronto is a diverse Canadian city that represents multicultularism in every respect. People from all across the world come here for their varied purposes. Whether you are looking for hard-to-find spices, special appliances, imported delicacies from another continent or special ingredients, following international stores will get everything of need to your reach:

T&T Supermarket To Buy Asian Stuff

This supermarket has 7 locations in the GTA. It offers a great range of Asian goods. At the fish counter, you can even get live fish plus their aisle counters are stuffed with fresh bakery items, farm fresh produces, snack foods, instant noodles, sodas, teas and a lot of ready-to-heat and serve food items.

Trupti Stores For Indian Spices

The culinary scene of India is quite diverse that uses lots of spices, nuts and fresh ingredients. Trupti Stores in East York is a specialty store filled with variety of Indian spices, nuts, flour and readymade meals. The importers of the spices here are famous for their perfect roasting and blending of spices for a perfect taste every time. They also store a huge variety of home-made sauces, pickles and snack items.

Pasquale Bros. For Italian Ingredients

When you book cheap tickets & flights to Toronto from Italy for a longer period, do not stress packing necessary Italian grocery items because everything is easily available here at Pasquale Bros in Etobicoke. You can even get olive oils, pastas, canned tomatoes, cured meats and a variety of cheeses. Items of popular Italian brands like Genesis & Fior Di Maiella are also available here.

Sanko Trading Company For Japanese Stuff

This company has been providing quality Japanese stuff to people of Toronto since 1968. Located at the Queen West, Sanko Trading Company is the best place to get fresh wasabi, instant noodles, snacks and other Japanese pantry staples such as dashi, vinegar and rice etc.

Perola Supermarket For Latin American Products

Located at the Kensington Market, Perola Supermarket stores a lot of products from Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and El Salvador. This shop stocks a great variety of spices, peppers and many beverages like Inka Cola and Malta Polar etc. They also stock sweets like chocolate Garto, pan de queso, dulce de leche and more.

Apart from all these, there also are many popular stores in Toronto providing Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Greek, Caribbean and other prominent cuisine products. No matter where you are from, whether you are shifting permanently to Canada or you are here on a short trip, you are never too far away from a friendly store selling products of your need. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can always visit or for easy online shopping. So, without a hitch, just book cheap flight tickets to Toronto with us and enjoy stress free stay.