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Relax With Spa Treatments In Vancouver

Are you a frequent flyer of cheap flights to Vancouver who loves to travel but hate jet lags? Fret not! We are here with solution in Vancouver.

There is so much to see and experience in Vancouver but sometimes, jet lag can hold you back with its unwanted effects. We are listing here four popular body spas to rejuvenate you after a tiring flight. These places are guaranteed to melt away your stress to let you enjoy your visit.

1. Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa

In the heart of Vancouver, this spa is a great urban heaven. With about 8,500 sq ft of area, the spa provides luxurious and relaxing treatments for men and women. With breathtaking city views, it is retreat for spa-goers to relish.

The spa lifts the theme – “locally authentic” to offer signature treatments that are specific to Vancouver and its conditions. Treatments can be chosen to match your lifestyle whether you are a local resident or a busy traveler. There also is a personal steam room to relax your body and release impurities. Van Active Body is a highly recommended treatment to boost your vitality with extremely soft skin.

2. Chi Spa At Shangri-La

This is the finest place to relieve your jet lag effects and experience the inner energy (ch’i). From the legends of Shangri-la, this exquisite spa is the place to achieve well being, enchantment and total peace.

This spa is popular because of its traditional Chinese philosophy. You may choose from a long list of treatments but for your fatigued traveler’s feet, Chi Flow Pedicure is the best treatment to try. It will magically enhance the ankle mobility by stimulating internal organs. The natural CHI oils are used to relieve swelling.

3. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

This is an award winning spa to pamper you after your cheap flights to Vancouver. Huge selections of luxury spa treatments are available here. For an itchy feet traveler, men’s hand & foot recovery treatment is the best. You can relax in Eucalyptus steam room from where you will be taken to a heated bed to work on your fatigued feet and hands.

Various massages are also given here to enhance blood circulation in the organs and eliminate jet lag.

4. Sense Spa At Rosewood

Sense is a perfect spa to go when you seek much needed pampering after a travel in cheap flights to Vancouver. This spa is popular for stimulating your senses and restoring the balance between your body and mind.

It mixes touch therapy and aromatherapy to offer soothing treatments to the travel weary body. Go for Georgian revival massage for a heavenly experience. The sensational hot oil massage along with traditional Swedish massage movements helps in increasing your blood circulation, removing toxins, cleansing body and promoting relaxation. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while sipping the herbal tea offered after the massage.

In case you do not have an urgent appointment to rush for, it’s worth taking a pause from your busy traveling and relaxing at one of the above mentioned spas. For stress free traveling book your flights at