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The Amazing Train Trip Of Canada

The great railway routes of Canada connect the Eastern and Western coasts of this enormous country.  The Canadian train route from Victoria to Toronto is greatly appreciated as being one of the most amazing train routes. It’s worth boarding cheap flights to Victoria and then travel to Toronto via the historical train – The Canadian.

Some other routes like Vancouver to Halifax are also equally fascinating and here, we will take you for a beautiful journey through the amazing geography of Canada.

The Canadian train was debuted in 1955 with stainless steel carriages, spacious sleeping cars and 360 degree observatory domes. Since then, not much has changed; it now is a beautifully dated train that appeals to huge crowd of tourists and people who love to travel by trains over taking cheap flights to Toronto.

The stunning interior of fifties is still maintained and there still are smartly-dressed crew members to take care of you during your journey. The lavish meals and drinks are served in the train’s elegant restaurant as it passes through the beautiful countryside.

From Vancouver To Toronto

The Canadian takes up the Vancouver to Toronto route quite late in the night and so the travelers have to wait for the sun to rise to enjoy the delightful flashes of pine trees, many of the amazing waterfalls and river valleys, sky scratching mountain peaks, grazing animals and much more. If you are lucky, you could also hear the staff announcement that is made at the sighting of the grizzly bear.

The train sways through the Mount Robson Provincial Park and the Jasper National Park and just before the Jasper town, which a whistle-stop of the train, the route slides down to the Yellowhead Pass – the crest of which forms the border between British Columbia and Alberta. This route has some immensely beautiful views to be enjoyed around the tracks that are framed by spectacular pine trees and mountain peaks.

The visuals gets a significant change when the train moves about three hours ahead of the Jasper, miles of prairie land across Alberta and Manitoba will entice you into just another world. The striking landmarks, Canola flowers, wooden grain elevators along with best of the local jokes together will make the journey absolutely joyous.

As you move ahead towards Toronto, the scene will change entirely. The birch trees would get replaced by maple trees and you will get to see a lot of ponds and some beautiful holiday cabins especially in the popular holiday spots like Muskoka.

From Victoria to Toronto, it is about 4466 kilometers covered in 83 hours by The Canadian train and you are sure to enjoy every second of the trip.

So, if you are planning a relaxed holiday trip to Toronto or Victoria, getting a tour in this train is highly recommended. Canada is full of fun holiday destinations and you can even get cheap flights to Winnipeg or any other Canadian city booked in a jiffy, right here.