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Get Your Adrenaline Rushing In Kelowna

As you book cheap flights to Kelowna, you might think it’s a romantic place with beautiful mountains, water and greenery all over the area; it may sound like an interesting place for people who love adventure. But surprisingly, Kelowna has a lot to push you to your limits and test the mettle in you.

If you too are an adventure lover and need a perfect holiday at a place that has plenty of options to fix your adrenaline rushes – book cheap flights to Kelowna right away. The adventure options in Kelowna ranges from exciting parasailing to mountain biking and much more. It’s all fun and gives you an easy physical exercise when you need it. Let’s explore how to get adrenaline fix in Kelowna:

Go Parasailing

At the Okanagan Parasail in Kelowna, you can soar as high as 300 feet from the water level to enjoy the most adventurous ride of your life. This parasailing ride gives you a breathtaking experience with a 360 degree panoramic view of the wonderful Okanagan valley.

If it is your first time for such an adventurous ride, you can choose a lower ride to practice before you soar up high. It doesn’t really matter if you fly up high or stay low; you get completely drenched or stay dry, you are sure to have an amazing experience as you float through the beautiful sky.

Try Flyboarding

At the Okanagan Flyboard you can stay close to water and pretend to be a water-rocket man. This water-powered adventure activity is incomparably exciting like no other. There is a hydro-powered flyboard which is attached to Jet Ski via a hose of 55 foot. The Jet Ski propels the water and pushes the flyboard rider into the air and the rider could actually fly like Iron Man or dive like dolphins or loop in and out of the water.

This adventure ride is worth trying. It is as fun to see the riders soaring high on the flyboard as it is to be the rider yourself.

Get On The Ropes

At the Wildplay Element Park and the Myra Canyon Adventure Park you get pretty good options to let your adrenaline rush through your nerves. There are some incredible heart pounding activities to test your mental and physical strength. Both kids and adults can equally enjoy the challenges over the ropes and other such obstacles.

Go Zipling

More adventure awaits you at the Zipzone Peachland in Kelowna where you can race through the tall timber stands and scream your heart out. If that is not enough for you, you can get more adventurous at the Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure Park in North Kelowna.

Apart from these, there are many other adventure parks and sports to be tried such as hot air ballooning and bunjee jumping in Kelowna. So, no matter what age you are or how physically active you are, there always is something interesting to try in Kelowna to get your adrenaline fix. So, pack your best sports outfit/footwear, book cheap flights to Kelowna right now and get ready for an adventurous tour to Kelowna.

Leave The Video Game Controller And Experience The Exit Kelowna

This new attraction in the town will instantly compel you to book cheap flights to Kelowna and experience the thrill.

We are talking about a new game – “The Exit Kelowna”.

This game is brought to Kelowna by the owners Linda Murran and Tony. It is a very engaging real life game just like the ones you love playing on your computer or gaming consoles. It has captured immediate interest of the public.

In this real-life adventure game, you are left in a room with dim lights and eerie soundtrack playing in the background. You get 45 minutes to find the clues and escape out of this thrilling game in Kelowna. You can go in a team as it keeps entire team excited with unexpected surprises and baffling clues.

Exit – The Game!

It doesn’t really matter if you have booked cheap flights to Kelowna for a business meet or family vacation, you got to experience this newest attraction to make most of your trip. You can enter the room minimum with two and maximum with 6 people to solve the mystery. Surprisingly, only a few participants till now have been successful to exit this captivating game. Less than 1% of people have been successful in their first attempt and with that, one could really imagine how amazing the game is!

The entire concept is quite new to the public and owners have planned to change the clues and puzzles every six months. You’ll definitely like to come here again and again. New themes will regularly be introduced to keep things fresh and attractive for the locals and the tourists. Currently, there are four rooms set with different themes of – Black Ops Room, Mannequin Room, Ninja House and Mystic Jungle.

Since the game itself does not require any special skill set, it is suitable for people of all ages and types provided you are brave enough to test your nerves. In fact, Exit is a game of brains where you have to work your way out in a team by solving complex puzzles in a scenario room. This real time game is actually a giant 3D mystery to be enjoyed by all.

You will frantically be running across the rooms, ripping off the wall pictures, leaping down the doors and smashing through the windows in order to exit. The well dressed staff will look after you who are also allowed to give you 2 hints whenever you need and they will also hand you some mini lights to look for the clues in the dimly lit rooms.

It may sound like a teaser, but you got to try this game once to feel your nerves tight with thrill. So, what is the wait for? Just get your cheap flights to Kelowna booked and take your family for an unforgettable journey into the real time game – Exit. If you are visiting this game spot at 2453 Highway 97N in a large group, do not forget to book your participation in advance.

Fantastic Holidaying In Kelowna With Family

If you are willing to take your family on a carefree fun vacation, take up cheap flights to Kelowna – a cool family holiday destination with many interesting things to involve your family and especially kids.

Kelowna is a beautiful town in British Columbia on the shores of Okanagan Lake. This place is well known for its rustic natural beauty and scenic surroundings. Kelowna is a popular destination to enjoy winter sports but this charming city has much more to offer during other months. Here is our list for best things to do in Kelowna (the staid sightseeing options are excluded) with family:

Rutlands Lion Park

It is a local park located at 175 Gray Road, Kelowna. The park has incredible playing equipments with a special area set aside for small kids to play. You are even allowed to bring your lunch here to be enjoyed with family and friends amid great outdoors. The best thing about this park is that it’s right in the middle of the town and it is absolutely free!

Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is a beautiful expanse of water that attracts many to board cheap flights to Kelowna and delight this natural grandeur. The lake is surrounded by natural beaches with a lot of interesting activities to enjoy. You can rent a horse, bike, canoe or paddleboats to get around in water or on land. The lake is also open for camping, picnic or just lazily soaking up the sun on shores during spring.

H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre

It is the biggest and most popular publicly-owned water-park in Canada. Going by its name, this park is set to provide loads of wet and wacky activities to be enjoyed by all. To make it even more exciting, the H2O water park includes Canada’s first water ride – FlowRider where surfers can enjoy in high artificial waves.

Okanagan Amusements

An old-fashioned kid’s amusement park offer great family fun at reasonable price. Enjoy bumper boats, go-karting, mini golf and much more with your family in Okanagan Amusement park.


No matter what your age is, Ruckers family fun center would surely have games to excite you. Located right outside of Kelowna, Ruckers can conveniently be visited if you want to enjoy arcade, video or action games in an urbane setup. You can even earn point with game wins for prizes. Ruckers is also open for parties and other events.

Scandia Golf & Games

When you need to spend fantastic times with your family and want to please your kids, Scandia Golf & Games is the place to head for. It has over 130 games with different types of fun rides such as roller-coaster, biggest miniature golf course, bumper cars and many other simulation games.

Besides these fun places, Kelowna is also an amazing place to enjoy local festivals and events such as Kelowna Hydrofest, Kelowna Regatta and more. With such incredible activities to get your family drenched in super fun, Kelowna makes a perfect family holiday destination. It’s cool, kids-friendly, naturally spectacular place and above all, cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available. Book Now!

5 Reasons Why You Will Keep Coming Back To Kelowna

Kelowna is the best multicultural site in British Columbia with plenty of recreational attractions for tourists who land here via cheap flights to Kelowna every year. Kelowna is an energetic city to make your tour extraordinarily special whether you are coming here with your family or someone special.

Although there is much to see, do and experience in Kelowna, we are listing here top 5 things that will entice you enough to keep coming back here when you need a thrilling adventure, breathtaking beauty, fantastic food and exceptional outdoors in a single bundle:

The Cultural Panorama

Many museums, libraries and studios of Kelowna echo its true spirit that is culturally rich and profound to be experienced. The downtown cultural district has the Okanagan Regional Library and the Rotary Centre Of Arts along with Kelowna Art Gallery and Kelowna Community Theatre which is the best spot to listen to the live Okanagan Symphony orchestra. You can also see ballet performances here.

The old Paramount Theatre is an old-fashioned theatre that will take you back into the time while it plays some independence movies with usual Hollywood mainstream movies. At these places, local communities come together and this is the best opportunity to explore more about local lifestyle and culture.

Photography Opportunities

Being nestled in the beautiful Okanagan valley, Kelowna has much splendor to offer to all the professional and casual photographers who love to capture the nature through their cameras. Kelowna is best known for its vineyards, mountains, orchards and Ponderosa pines. All this and more offer you endless possibilities of clicking a perfect photo.

The popular photographic locations of Kelowna include knox Mountain, Mission Creek Greenway and Gyro Beach. The natural beauty of these places gets enhanced enormously during sunsets and sunrise.

Wine & Dine Options

There are over 20 fine wineries in Kelowna and a lot of tourists travel via cheap flights to Kelowna only to participate in the famous vineyard tours. A lot of wineries also have outdoor lounges for food and wine tasting events in the midst of beautiful Okanagan sceneries.

There also are many fine dine restaurants that offer multi-cuisine food with extensive wine pairing options. You can even plan to dine while cruising on the Okanagan in a houseboat or in a yacht.


Kelowna is the home for many exciting and special festivals. These festivals fill up the valley with happy celebrations throughout. Many musicians, local artists and entertainers take part in these fests to make them memorable for you. Festivals are the best time to relish local food, art and culture. Some of the popular festivals are Fat Cat children’s festival, Okanagan Wine Festival and Mardi Gras Street Festival to name a few.

Pleasant Neighborhood

An adventurous walking tour along the Mill Creek at the South of the downtown offers great opportunity to explore the small neighborhood that echoes the character and history of Kelowna. You can also take a walking tour that follows Okanagan Lake. There also are many parks, some secluded beaches and more attractions to rejuvenate you with fresh energies in Kelowna.

Above things will offer something interesting for people of every group and age. Cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available, so, pack and fly to Kelowna for your best ever holiday!

Kelowna – A Little Piece Of Heaven In Canada

Kelowna is a beautiful and largest non-coastal city of British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna indisputably is a little piece of heaven in Canada with wonderful beach parks and lake side parks. If you are taking cheap flights to Kelowna, there are many things to see in here.

Kelowna is at a convenient drive of four hours from Vancouver and many cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available to connect this city from rest of the world. The Okanagan Valley (where Kelowna is situated) is popular for its organic farms and wine regions but there is something interesting to do for everyone. The diverse activities and picturesque surroundings keep you busy during your stay in Kelowna. Here are some suggestions:

Kids Activities

During summer or spring time, you can take your kids to have a wonderful time at the beaches of Okanagan Lake. Here, your family can enjoy playing volley ball or picnicking on the golden sand. If you want, you can also take your kids for swimming.

The lake is active with lot of boats, kayakers, jet skiers and paddle borders. You can take a ride or just enjoy watching their adventures.

Adventurous Activities

If you love adventure, for a required dose of adrenaline, you can go biking through the wineries. During winters, you can even go for horse riding, ice skating, snow skiing, hiking and snow shoeing. Many organizations also arrange adventure tours through the valley and winery regions, you can participate in them for a perfect holiday jaunt.

Relaxing Activities

Holidays of course are for relaxing and what could be better than to relax in the lovely heaven called Kelowna. There are about 30 exclusive wineries in Kelowna that produce impressive sparkling wines. You can take a tour to the wineries to experience the rich culture of wine making. If you are lucky, you may also get to taste few selective wines.

There also are fresh herb and lavender farms for you to take a walk through or just watch the beauty. You can also purchase some fine lavender products to take back home or to gift someone.  Visit the honey farms or beer brewing companies to witness the real natural crafts.

Visit The Farm Market

After you have soaked your eyes with lush green beauty of Okanagan Valley, it is time to take some of it to your home. The Hillcrest Farm Market on the Highway number 33 is a family operated market with spectacular views. You will definitely be amazed by the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold here. Fresh cherries are packed and shipped from here to all over the world. There also is a seasonal restaurant that serves delicious food prepared with freshest ingredients directly from the market. You may try some Indian inspired dishes here along with pizzas and a whole variety of breads.

It is also very easy to find budget friendly bed and breakfast accommodations in Kelowna. For a cheaper option, try to find out a family that agrees to offer you a stay with bed and breakfast. This could be the best way to enjoy local culture, lifestyle and flavors.  So, what is the wait for? Just book cheap flights to Kelowna, right now to experience the heaven on Earth.