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Avoid Technological Mistakes While Traveling

Technology is now in every walk of life and traveling is no different. Right from booking cheap flight tickets to searching the maps or reading restaurant reviews – everything involves technology.

You travel with technology to make your travel easy but some critical technological mistakes can turn your travel into an arduous ride on a damaged roller coaster. Such mistakes can leave you feeling restricted and powerless.

We list here most common technological mistakes people generally make while traveling;  learn from these mistakes and become a smart traveler:

1. Not Taking Enough Power

On a trip, when you need your gadgets to connect, entertain, share and navigate, dead batteries can ruin everything. So, if you constantly want to use your electronics, make sure you not only pack extra batteries but also the wall mount chargers, portable chargers and if you are traveling by road, do not forget to pack car charger too.

To avoid any case of going out of power, do pack additional charging cable and a multi outlet plug. Pack them all neatly so there is no mess.

2. Not Packing Real Camera

Your smart phone is smart enough but it is not smart of you to load it with tons of vacations pictures and videos. This will eat up both – your phone’s battery and storage space at the same time.

Real cameras now are not only way more efficient but they also are easy to carry while traveling. This would ensure that you never miss capturing a special moment.

3. Using Your Mobile Overseas

If your cheap flights are taking you overseas, calling or keeping online with your phone may result in huge bills.

To avoid massive bills, do check for special international roaming services from your carrier. Or, you can also buy an international SIM card to be used on your existing phone. Another option is to use phone services available at the hotel you are staying in or to visit a nearest internet connectivity center.

4. Not Informing Your Bank

You can of course use your credit or debit card at a new location but do not forget to call your bank and inform them about your travel.

This would prevent your cards being locked by the bank (thinking it’s been stolen) as they notice your cards being used at a new location. Nothing could be worse than not having anything to spend; so, do call your bank.

5. Not Installing Right Apps

On a vacation, you want to spend time enjoying with your loved ones and not on downloading required apps. So, make sure you have all the right apps such as Google Maps, Loungebuddy and Filo etc installed on your phone before you leave home.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, avoiding these technological mistakes will ensure an easy traveling. However, to enjoy a real vacation, you sometimes need to ditch all technologies and just focus on recharging your inner self.

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