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How Not To Get Hacked While Traveling

Internet security is the primary concern for anyone using shopping, email, banking or social networking apps on the phone or laptop. Such sites are at high risk of hacking; and while traveling the risk multiplies because you could be sending, receiving or sharing critical information.

So, if you have cheap flight tickets booked for your preferred destination, besides all the other necessary preparations, you also need stand ready at this front. Here, we are listing some of the good practices to beat many frauds that might have set to ruin your vacation by stealing your personal information:

Don’t Carry Laptop Unless Absolutely Necessary

When you have cheap tickets & flights booked for a city as exciting as Toronto or Vancouver, would you really get time to even look at your laptop?

Even if you are taking your laptop for some necessary work, don’t just close it, log out all your accounts and shut it down properly. This would ensure that your bank and email details are not accessible to anyone. Also, use a safe or strongbox access at hotel.

Keep Your Passwords Strong

Your passwords have a big role in keeping your personal information safe. If smart hackers get the password to your email account, they can easily access or change the passwords of your other social network and bank accounts.

So, make sure that your passwords are hack proof and you could remember them without writing it down anywhere. It is better to keep passwords longer than 8 characters with a mix of special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers. Ensure that you have different passwords for different accounts. Never store passwords on your computer. Despite of all this, if you ever get hacked, change all your password at once.

Watch Before Clicking

Even if it has come from a friend, when a mail feels malicious, don’t open it. There are chances that your friend has been hacked already and if you open that mail, your account could also fall into hacker’s hands.

Things are same for malicious looking links. Do no click on anything that looks suspicious.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Do not forget to review the privacy settings of your social accounts before you set out for traveling. In fact, check them right now. Make sure that the settings are such that you are notified whenever someone tries to log on to your account from an unauthorized computer.

Use Your Cards Cautiously

Skimmers are everywhere around to read your card and steal the information. You need to be extra careful while using your cards especially when you are traveling. Hacked card readers are generally placed at gas pumps or ATMs. In order to be safe while traveling, use cash as much as possible.

If you need to use ATM, only use the ones inside a bank. You can even setup a separate travel account linked with a debit card to be used while traveling. This way, hackers may get your travel money but they would not get access to your retirement or savings account.

With all this information on your side, you stay hack-safe no matter where you are traveling to. So, if you set yourself back from traveling due to the fear of getting hacked, feel safe with these handy tips. Book cheap flights to your preferred destination with us and enjoy the world in total peace.