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Ottawa – City of Museums


Museums can be a boring chapter in many of your books. But, we bet you will change your opinion once you land in Ottawa. Formerly named “Bytown” after British military engineer Colonel John By, the city of Ottawa is known for the long list of its museums. Here, we bring to you the best of museums in and around the city:

Canadian War Museum:

To become a democracy it would have cost many nations a hundreds of years and this nation is no exception. What it cost this nation to become one is architecturally sculptured in this monument. A perfect tribute to those brave hearts who took part in World War II. The exhibits at the museum will never let you take your eyes off them. It ranges from naval guns to tanks and from motorcycles to jet aircraft. The total space of the museum is segregated into different galleries each depicting various periods of war from the nations earliest times to the present conflicts. A must visit place for a historian who digs deep into World history J

Canadian Museum of Nature:

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin as quoted by Shakespeare stands true for long time now and will continue to last until such monuments are in place. The Canadian Museum of Nature includes all aspects of the intersection of human society and nature. The exhibits are placed at the Victoria Memorial Museum Building, which has a total 7 galleries namely,

Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery which contains the skeletons and miniatures about the extinction of dinosaurs.

Vale Earth Gallery which educates us about how the geological forces shaped planet.

Mammal Gallery which exhibits Canada’s wild animals.

RCB Blue Water Gallery which features a blue whale skeleton and exhibits about life found under waters.

Bird Gallery comprising of more than 450 Canadian bird mounts.

Animalium that exhibits live insects and

Stone Wall Gallery that runs us through the photographs and art displays about natural science.

One would wonder if nature includes all of the above mentioned exhibits. Certainly it does. Learn nature and help preventing it J

Canadian Museum of History:

Previously known as Canadian Museum of Civilization, this museum is one among the oldest cultural institutions of North America. Canadian Museum of History has also with it the Canadian Children’s Museum and an IMAX theatre with 3D capacity. So definitely a visit to the Civilization museum would be at you vision now. The museum has 3 halls where the exhibits are placed namely, the Grand Hall, the First Peoples Hall and the Canada Hall. With the Grand Hall known for its architectural masterpiece and the First Peoples Hall getting its root from 20,000 years of history, the Canada Hall is closed for renovation now are situated at respective levels of the building. Sheer entertainment guaranteed. Don’t miss out on this spot on your vacation to Ottawa.


Ottawa is real feast for the lovers of history and for those who love to research on whatever they get to. So don’t delay and plan your trip to Ottawa. Time and tide waits for none.